This caught-on-camera moment of all hell breaking loose shows why voting GOP is now a part of conversation in blue kitchens everywhere

There is no other waying of putting it, the future does not look bright for America’s youth.

Voters are starting to have a big problem with that.

And this caught-on-camera moment shows why voting GOP is now part of the conversation in blue kitchens everywhere.

Public schools, especially in Democrat-controlled areas, are failing to prepare young minds for the future.

This was on full display when all hell broke loose at this troubled school.

Young people have no future in Democrat controlled places

In nearly every single urban school system, students have no hope of going to college or finding good jobs.

This is directly due to decades of failed liberal policies that have torn families apart and entrenched families into poverty.

Just take a look at the city of Baltimore.

This is a city that has been run exclusively by Democrats for decades and year after year they rank amongst the worst school systems in the nation.

However, things took a violent turn recently at Lansdowne High School in Baltimore with a massive brawl breaking out involving several groups of students.

Even the principal was attacked when she jumped in to break the fight up.

Cell phone footage shows the brawl in detail, and the videos are upsetting to say the very least.

One exasperated parent told local Fox 45 “How can our kids learn when they’re in this fight or flight mode? We wonder why the grades and proficiency levels are down so low because how can these kids learn when they’re surrounded by violence.”

Well the truth is, the cause for low grades and violence can be traced right back to the policies of the Left.

After closing schools down for years at a time, nobody should be surprised that union boss-controlled schools are failing.

At another Baltimore school, Patterson High School, near where this melee occurred at Lansdowne High, only 77% of students tested at an elementary-school reading level at the beginning of the last school year, Fox News reported.

Only 2% tested were reading at grade level, which is appalling.

Democrats are failing the young people of this nation, and giving these failing schools more money is not the answer.

There needs to be a fundamental shift in the way children are being taught, especially in failing school districts.

Otherwise, these young people go straight into a life of crime which is practically subsidized by most blue states these days.

Big Labor Brass is a big part of the problem

Getting union bosses and their so-called “collective bargaining” out of the classroom is an important step in the process of cleaning up schools.

The fact is the only “collective bargaining” that should ever take place in education or anywhere in government is taxpayers and parents negotiating with their elected officials.

But for far too long power-hungry union bosses have been empowered to put their own power – by way of campaign cash and an army of election workers for Democrats – ahead of kids.

That has been devastating for American school children.

Parents are absolutely crucial to a child’s education, and making sure they are involved every step of the way is a necessity.

Disempowering union bosses will empower parents and families.

When that happens they can begin to make choices that are best for their kids and almost certainly grades and behavior will improve.

And that starts at the polls.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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