This car chase ended with a wreck so wild the Secret Service had to be called in

There are few things more exciting than a car chase.

Especially when the chase involves a crime most people will only see in a movie.

But this car chase was so crazy that it required the Secret Service to be called in.

There are few things that capture the public’s attention quite like a high-speed chase.

Just look at the OJ chase, life practically stood still while America watched the entire LAPD chase down that infamous white Ford Bronco.

But regardless of how fast the suspect drives, the law always catches up to them.

Having said that, a recent car chase in Portland Oregon required some special federal attention after some contraband was found in the wrecked vehicle.

Just the other day, a couple of Bicycle Officers came into contact with a man who was idling his car while using drugs.

When the bike cops approached the vehicle, the suspect drove over one of the bikes, and began to drive the wrong way down the street.

After a brief chase with law enforcement, the suspect crashed his car into several parked cars.

And after a short foot pursuit, the suspect was apprehended.

Just another day in the crime-infested city of Portland, Oregon.

However, upon further investigation, police officers found some startling contraband in his vehicle.

It is reported that officers found counterfeit $100 dollar bills in the vehicle, which is under the jurisdiction of none other than the Secret Service.

In addition to protecting the President of the United States, the Secret Service has jurisdiction over federal money crimes including counterfeiting currency and embezzlement.

The good news is that nobody was hurt in this crazy pursuit, including the officer who was nearly run over.

The suspect has been identified as Anthony M Steinmetz and was charged with three counts of hit-and-run, plus interfering with police, theft, and eluding. He was also given traffic citations for not having insurance, driving on a suspended license, and careless driving.

Crime such as this is a part of daily life in the city of Portland, which has seen an astronomical rise in crime over the past several years.

Even a deadly rampage such as this one is unlikely to produce a meaningful prison sentence, as Portland has adopted a series of soft-on-crime policies designed to keep serial offenders like this one out of prison and on the streets.

Unless the fools running the city of Portland decide they are willing to enforce the law and hold violent criminals like this one accountable, then expect wild car chases like this one to happen more often.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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