This blue Utopia just got blindsided by a surprise lawsuit

Democrat strongholds are finally facing the ramifications of their policies.

Crime and homelessness have spiraled out of control.

Now this blue utopia just got blindsided by a surprise lawsuit.

Portland, Oregon has become a cartoon version of a far-Left city.

Antifa has run rampant in the city for years.

Activists in the city even forced Democrat Mayor Ted Wheeler to move out of his apartment complex after staging a protest in the lobby.

Montana’s Republican Attorney General slapped the City of Portland with a lawsuit

But now the state of Montana is joining forces with energy groups to sue Portland for standing in the way of new energy infrastructure.

Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen claimed in a suit that Portland is blocking the transportation of fuel and banning the construction of energy infrastructure projects.

Knudsen claimed that Portland’s actions “intentionally discriminate in favor of local users, unreasonably burden interstate commerce, interfere with intermodal/rail transportation, and serve no legitimate local purpose.”

The radical green movement has led to hostility toward fossil fuels and the industry around it.

Lawsuit centered over disruption of energy transport infrastructure

The lawsuit also claimed, “The code amendments impose a flat prohibition on new fuel export infrastructure in all parts of the City and cover virtually all types of combustible fuel, including fuel designated as clean or renewable under state and federal law.”

Environmentals are on a crusade to go 100% renewable regardless of feasibility.

Knudsen’s lawsuit continued, “Thus, the code amendments block infrastructure needed for the transition to cleaner and renewable fuels, prevent the construction of more modern, safer facilities, and freeze the decades-old existing terminals within an earthquake liquefaction zone.”

Blocking the development of crucial infrastructure even cuts against the agenda of the “greens.”

Knudsen added, “American energy independence, which is critical for our national security and economic well-being, depends on reliable infrastructure to move products to consumers…The Portland government is artificially and intentionally preventing new and expanded infrastructure in order to achieve its politically motivated ‘climate action plan.’ Further, Portland’s hypocritical policies kneecap Montana industries and workers from getting our energy products to market while trying to protect its own citizens from the consequences of its short-sighted actions.”

Joe Biden and his radical administration are putting the boot on industry based on renewable goals that are pie-in-the-sky.

Biden was put in the uncomfortable situation of begging oil companies to produce more oil while threatening to put them out of business.

The green plan appears largely incoherent to many, and this lawsuit is exposing why.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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