This Blue City mayor has some explaining to do after the unthinkable happens

Human life does not seem to have much value in today’s society, which can help to explain why crime has spiked so much.

People are hardwired from a young age to only care about themselves, and the results have been devastating.

Now this Blue City mayor has some explaining to do after the unthinkable happens.

Career criminals are destroying America’s communities

As a result of disastrous pro-crime policies, crime has gotten out of control in America.

From a very young age, children are brought up through liberal school systems to believe that they are not responsible for their actions and that they should only worry about themselves.

The results of this brainwashing have been devastating, and the disintegration of the family has made things even worse.

Young people now begin their criminal careers at a young age.

One such young person who has chosen to live a life of crime is 18-year-old Zyaire Crumbley of New York City.

Crumbley was arrested Monday after he turned himself in for the brutal murder of his 16-year-old girlfriend.

This is not Crumbley’s first run-in with the law, in fact, Crumbley has 6 prior arrests for robbery.

Despite this lengthy criminal history, Crumbley was free to roam the streets and the results have been tragic.

New York’s flawed pro-crime policies are directly to blame for this, and Crumbley’s case is just another example of people who ought to be in prison wreaking havoc on their communities.

If Crumbley would have been locked up for his 6 prior robberies then this tragic murder of a 16-year-old girl would not have happened.

The radical Democrats who are destroying New York City, including Mayor Eric Adams, have a lot of explaining to do.

Murders like this one are entirely avoidable

The bottom line is that New York City’s surge in crime is entirely preventable.

First and foremost, many young people are forced to go through life with little to no family structure, which is the root cause of crime.

Liberal policies have completely destroyed the concept of a nuclear family, and now many young people are left directionless and lost.

Then to make matters worse, the criminal justice system has been completely upended in most Democrat-controlled parts of America to favor crime.

Democrats have decided that they no longer wish to hold criminals accountable for the damage they do to their communities.

Until Democrats are willing to take crime seriously, then crime rates will only continue to go up.

People should not be allowed to run free after committing 6 robberies.

The results are proving to be deadly, and the radical left has blood on their hands.

Until New York and other cities are willing to get serious about crime, then terrible tragedies like this one will just keep happening.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for more updates to this ongoing story.


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