These Democrats want schools to tell parents how to store their guns

Democrats are full of terrible ideas – and the latest one is a doozy.

It’s no secret leftists view public schools as their own private propaganda distribution networks, and now they want to send kids home with advice for their parents.

No doubt, it will be delivered with an underlying threat.

More than 100 Democrats have signed onto a letter calling for the United States Department of Education to issue “guidance on safe gun storage” following the Oxford High School Shooting.

The effort was headed up by Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut and Representative Mike Thompson from California.

According to the Sierra Sun Times the lawmakers, “stressed the importance of the Department’s leadership in issuing best practices for school districts to inform parents about storing guns safely and away from kids.”

It’s a typical leftist move to make sure no crisis is wasted when it could be used to push their oppressive agenda forward.

According to the letter, which was sent to Department of Education Secretary Miguel Cardona, “To prevent future tragedies, your Department should take bold action to raise awareness about secure gun storage by informing parents and school districts of its importance.”

The lawmakers added, “[W]e have ignored a critical intervention to address the common element in the overwhelming number of these tragedies: easy access to guns in the home. The incident at Oxford High School adds to the overwhelming evidence that shows access to guns in the home is a critical intervention point.”

No doubt, focusing on the Oxford High School shooting will give gun-grabbers extra leverage since the parents of the shooter have also been legally charged in that case.

Leftists have already turned guns into a “public health issue” with the CDC reporting on firearm related deaths in the US each year.

They seem significantly more interested in the weapons used than trying to understand underlying factors in youth mental health, including increasing suicide rates and violence that seems to correlate with the school year.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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