The realities of life in a broken society hit one city hard as rioters responded to the latest left-wing calls for violence

In a stunning act of betrayal, a draft opinion leaked out of the Supreme Court.

Leftists then responded to news they didn’t like with calls for violence – and some nasty thugs in one blue state responded in dramatic fashion.

Now the realities of life in a broken society are hitting one city hard.

As urban areas across the nation struggle to recover from 2020’s Marxist Black Lives Matter riots, they’re getting hit with a new wave of destructive violence.

Once again, private businesses are being destroyed by what amounts to a massive leftist temper tantrum.

Video taken by Portland’s local CBS station shows shattered windows and graffiti-covered walls.

Thugs dressed in black rampaged through the city inflicting damage on government buildings and various businesses.

Police told KPTV that burning material and “incendiary devices” were tossed into Mark O. Hatfield U.S. Courthouse.

There’s no word yet on how much damage they caused.

Of course, the party that was so quick to dub the January 6 riot an “insurrection” has little interest in calling out their supporters for a violent uproar exponentially larger than anything that happened in Washington, D.C. that day.

Leftists who have spent more than a year wringing their hands over how Democracy in America will be over if Republicans regain control of the country were quick to call for violence after news leaked that Roe v. Wade will likely be overturned.

It’s the height of hypocrisy considering that they’ve been on a crusade to punish anyone and everyone they can somehow claim was complicit in the January 6 riots.

But flip-flopping to support their own agenda is business as usual inside leftist camps.

“This is revolution time!” Maria Shriver announced on Twitter. “This is time for the brave. This is time for women, and those who care about their right to make decisions over their own bodies to stand up, speak up, and say, ‘Not on our watch!'”

And she was only one of numerous Twitter users tossing around the word “revolution” like it’s no big deal.

“Waking up to another right for my body being threatened in 2022,” Skyleigh Heinen wrote. “If they want a revolution they are going to get one.”

The real question now is how much more destruction blue state residents will put up with before they abandon a political party that apparently couldn’t care less about their community’s safety and security.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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