The next New York City school chancellor is shaming educrats before he even gets into office

Educrats in the Big Apple have a new boss.

And chances are they’re dreading him taking control in 2022.

That’s because the next New York City school chancellor is shaming educrats before he even gets into office.

New Yorkers are known for their blunt talk – and the new Mayor who will officially begin his term in January knows how to pick a guy who can communicate (excruciatingly) clearly – especially when targeting education department bureaucrats.

“We are getting ready to not just play around with this, we’re going to turn over the tables,” Banks said. “What’s the value add for having thousands of people who work at Tweed? For having thousands of people in these high paid positions? There needs to be a transformation, and it will start at the top. We will turn the tables over.”

When asked who may be out of a job in the education department, Banks said, “Every job that educates, protects and cares for children will be safe. Be clear what I said,” Adams replied. “If you’re there because you enjoy going to conferences, if you’re there because you’re using taxpayer dollars to extend your educational criteria to pad your resume, if you’re there for anything other than educating our children, then you should be concerned.”

He also asked a hard-hitting question, “If you left, and your job disappeared tomorrow, would that change anything that’s going on in any of our schools?”

He then pointed out that, “65 percent of black and brown children never achieve proficiency” on tests.

He added, “if everybody in the Department of Education went home and all the kids went to school, you could get those same results.”

You probably won’t be shocked to find out that the United Federation of Teachers did not endorse Banks.

Banks was nominated by the new Mayor, Eric Adams, who “clearly understands the need to move quickly before more New Yorkers give up on their city,” as Michael Goodwin put it in a New York Post opinion piece.

To say that the current Mayor, Bill de Blasio, is unpopular would be putting it mildly and, according to Goodwin, “Never in the history of New York City has a ‘bum’s rush’ been more necessary and welcome. Even before Bill de Blasio, the Worst Mayor Ever, leaves office, the dismantling of his reign of disaster is beginning.”

We can only hope it’s one that will ultimately help children unlucky enough to end up whiling away years in the blue state’s schools.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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