The New York Times just said three words that Joe Biden and Merrick Garland’s jack boots are laughing at

Democrat politicians don’t give a rip about the devastation they wreak on Americans.

That even goes for New York leftists.

And the New York Times just said three words that Joe Biden and Merrick Garland’s jack boots are laughing at.

Rampant inflation and Democrats’ weaponization of once-trusted government institutions like the FBI are two of the most concerning crises Americans are facing today. 

Not only are 401k’s and savings accounts being ravaged by this “invisible tax”, but costs of common goods are also skyrocketing. 

And consumers in far-Left New York City are being hit particularly hard by inflation as the American economy continues down a very dangerous path. 

Just one-and-a-half years of Joe Biden’s economic policies has plunged America into a recession, despite the Left’s pathetic attempts to redefine what a recession is. 

The official inflation rate ran 9.1% last month which is the highest America has seen since 1981.  

And for the most recent month – despite the Biden administration’s lies about inflation going down – Americans are seeing at least 8.5% inflation in prices.

Even if the growth in price increases is slowing, prices are still going up and everyone knows it.

And in reality, the actual rate is always much higher than what the government is reporting.  

The most noticeable manifestation of rapid inflation can be seen at your local grocery store, and if you have not noticed already, prices are through the roof. 

One city that has been hit hard in particular is the Big Apple, New York City. 

Even the New York Times admits it with headlines about “$15 French Fries and $18 Sandwiches,” hitting New York City.

An independent study analyzed increased prices for common food items and the findings were shocking.

Blueberries in New York were selling for roughly $8 a pint, which is $3 higher than just a year ago.  For reference, blueberries sell for a couple of dollars a pint in most places in America. 

Other items that have increased include lunch items, coffee and bagels . . . all of which are considered to be New York staples. 

When it comes to out of control inflation such as this, nobody bears more responsibility than President Joe Biden. 

Under his watch, inflation growth went from 1.4% to (at least) 9.1% in just 18 months, and just about every other aspect of the economy is in ruin. 

Tax-and-spend Democrat policies are destroying America, and leftist-controlled cities such as New York are seeing the biggest impact. 

No amount of redefining and semantics can cover up just how bad things have gotten. 

Inflation is not just some statistic.  It is real devastation hitting the pocketbooks of Americans everywhere. 

To make matters even worse, Congress recently approved the so-called “Inflation Reduction Act” which does absolutely nothing to reduce inflation, but rather it authorizes the federal government to spend another several hundred billion dollars of money they do not have. 

Democrats do not give a rip about the economy, or suffering consumers, they just care about securing funding for their bloated pet projects. 

Most troubling of all, Biden and the Democrats are planning to sic nearly 87,000 new IRS agents — and many of them armed – on middle-class Americans as part of the bill.

Quite simply, they don’t care about financially devastating Americans, and they won’t think twice about using their new IRS goon squads to give any Conservative the Mar-a-Lago treatment.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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