The Empire State building just took on an ominous hue and the reason will turn your stomach

Leftist elites can’t seem to get enough when it comes to micromanaging average citizens’ lives. 

But ordinary Americans are becoming increasingly skeptical. 

Yet still the Empire State building just took on an ominous hue and the reason will turn your stomach.

On top of all the authoritarianism, the pandemic provided Democrats with an excuse to write one blank check after the next with taxpayer dollars.

Of course, pharmaceutical companies scooped up a massive swath of that fortune.

As the state of panic that lined corporate executives’ pockets fades, the jab giant is once again launching a massive PR push in hopes of whipping the public back into a frenzy. 

Time to Bud Light Pfizer

The company positioned to benefit the most from pushing the idea of a Pandemic 2.0 is almost certainly drugmaker Pfizer. 

If the company can convince schools and employers to make annual vaccine boosters mandatory COVID-19 will be a massive cash cow for Big Pharma well into the future. 

Pfizer set out to ensure that’s the case with one publicity stunt that will leave freedom loving Americans dreading what’s to come. 

Radio station Q104.3 ran a press release sponsored by the drug maker on its website over the weekend, which promoted Pfizer’s latest shot by announcing that New York City’s famous Empire State building was lit up in “Pfizer blue” on September 16.

Framing it as “good news from Pfizer”, the company used the publicity stunt to push its latest formula on even babies. 

“This season’s updated Covid-19 shots are now available for ages 6 months and up,” the advertorial explained before getting to the closing line noting it was “sponsored by Pfizer.” 

The elites must expect everyone to follow like blind mice

One user on the X social media platform (formerly Twitter) put that announcement in context.

“The Empire State Building lit up in Pfizer blue to commemorate the CDC’s recommendation of a new COVID mRNA booster for everyone 6 months and older,” X user @KanekoaTheGreat wrote. “Pfizer’s latest booster received FDA approval based on a study involving 10 mice.”

That was followed with a line of 10 mice emojis. @KanekoaTheGreat ended the post with a sarcastic “Trust the science!”


It’s worth noting that Pfizer must have been remarkably confident in its chances of getting approved since it can take months to get approved for a custom light show with the Empire State Building. 

That said, it’s no surprise the building’s managers approved Pfizer’s application. 

Leftist causes seem to be among those most likely to be approved for promotional events. 

This week the tower was also lit up in honor of the Clinton Global Initiative.

In the past the NYC landmark has been lit up to commemorate everything from radical abortion legislation to the 70th anniversary of the founding of China’s Communist government. 

Pfizer is reportedly informing Wall Street investors that 24% of Americans will likely get the company’s new Covid-19 vaccine. 

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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