The “democracy” rigging going on in No Energy Newsom’s state is flat-out astonishing

Ever since the January 6, 2021 four-hour riot, the Left has been pushing the narrative that their political opponents are bent on “destroying democracy.”

But as is typical, what they most loudly accuse others of doing is that in which they are engaged themselves.

Because the “democracy” rigging going on in No Energy Newsom’s state is flat-out astonishing.

California Democrats claim to be concerned with “saving democracy” but one cold fact shows they are full of it.

No Energy Newsom says California is the antidote

California’s “No Energy” Gov. Gavin Newsom recently tweeted, “CA is the antidote — leading with compassion, common-sense and science. Treasuring diversity, defending democracy, and protecting our planet. Here’s to continuing that fight.”

But that’s all just empty rhetoric.

Not a single one of the Democrat Party candidates for statewide office in California has agreed to debate his or her opponent.

This is in spite of the fact that many voters see this as a key part of the democratic process.

CalMatters reports:

As Election Day approaches, you’re likely to spot Gov. Gavin Newsom popping up in plenty of television ads. You’ll see state controller candidate Malia Cohen on her various social media feeds. Attorney General Rob Bonta will be busy attending plenty of press conferences.”

But what are the odds that voters will catch any of these Democrats at a televised political debate? Don’t bet on it.

That’s over the strenuous objections of their three Republican opponents and the state GOP. For weeks, controller candidate Lanhee Chen has been calling on Cohen — sometimes accompanied by a dancing chicken — to meet him on the debate stage.

On Tuesday, two other GOP candidates for statewide office joined the call. State Sen. Brian Dahle, who is running a long-shot campaign to unseat Newsom, cheered on Fox 11 anchor Elex Michaelson after the reporter offered to moderate a gubernatorial debate. Two hours later, attorney general candidate Nathan Hochman challenged Bonta to not one, but three debates — at minimum.

This is all part and parcel of a brazen attempt by Democrats to not even engage in the democratic process.

Democrats have rejected every request for debate in the state despite multiple media invitations.

But this is all part of a larger plan.

Mail-in voting and ballot drop box problems

The weeks of vote-by-mail, mail-in voting, the drop boxes that aren’t secure and ballot harvesting all serve as a way of introducing chances for chicanery.

Democrat leaders believe that all of these efforts to increase the number of votes, legality unimportant, will give them enough of an edge that they need not concern themselves with engaging with their political opponents.

The truth is that at this point the only way to show these people that the regular folks and their preferred policies still matter may be to massively outvote the Left in November.

Then they’ll be forced to listen, and these Democrat attempts to shut down democracy will be stopped dead in their tracks.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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