The consequences of leftist policies revealed themselves in this deadly tragedy

Leftists are pushing to create permanent homeless camps all over the United States.

Now one of the areas most entrenched in the Marxist ideology is reaping the consequences.

Sadly, that took the form of a deadly tragedy.

The supposed “compassion” of Democrats is looking pretty ugly in Oregon this week.

Tucker Carlson has properly characterized it as watching our society collapse in real time.

Nowhere is that more apparent than in Oregon where it’s gone from being a leftist yuppy paradise to an absolute disaster zone in only a couple of years.

Now the Beaver State is home to warring international drug conglomerates, scores of drug addicts, and masses of homeless encampments.

Between systemic failure to enforce substance laws and homeless encampments popping up anywhere, it’s a wreck just waiting to happen.

And this past weekend one worst case scenario played out.

Prosecutors say a driver was intoxicated at a level twice the legal limit when he veered off the road and plowed into a homeless encampment on the edge of a major thoroughfare in Salem, Oregon.

Two people died at the scene and another two died later in the hospital.

Two who survived the crash were seriously injured.

Local news channel KTVZ described the chaotic scene.

“After the dead and injured were taken away, flattened tents, an overturned shopping cart and a deeply scarred tree marked the scene,” the station reported.

Ironically, the party that’s always trying to protect us from ourselves in the dumbest ways is doubling down on making an obviously dangerous situation permanent.

A new law will take effect next year requiring cities and counties to “be reasonable” if they regulate “sitting, lying, sleeping, or keeping warm and dry outdoors on public property.”

The Marion County Board of Commissioners, where Salem is located, has opposed the new law saying it will limit local control over the state’s homeless problem, which has exploded recently.

No surprise, the sudden increase in people commandeering public land for their private use follows on the heels of Marxist Black Lives Matter protests.

While the leaders of that organization snap up expensive homes for their own use, they’ve encouraged countless people to opt out of the American dream.

After all, there’s nothing leftists want more than people completely dependent on them – and there’s no better place to start than discouraging citizens from home ownership in the middle of an inflationary crisis.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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