Terrible policies allowed one horrific crime to take place

Rising crime continues to plague Americans across the country.

Democrat-run areas have been hit particularly hard.

And terrible policies allowed one horrific crime to take place.

A horrific shooting in Sacramento killed six people, and the corporate-controlled press has gone silent on the issue.

The crime was first reported as a mass shooting, but as more evidence emerges, it looks like the result of street violence, something which the “mainstream” media are adept at ignoring.

Worse yet, one of the chief suspects in the shooting should not have even been on the streets.

Breitbart reported that “Smiley Martin, the second of three suspects arrested . . . was released early from prison in February despite District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert opposing the release . . . Martin was convicted in 2018 and received a ten-year sentence but was released early from prison, despite DA Schubert’s opposition to the early release. DA Schubert wrote a letter to the parole board urging them not to release Smiley: ‘Inmate Martin has, for his entire adult life, displayed a pattern of criminal behavior. While the current case on review may not be “violent” under the Penal Code, Inmate Martin’s criminal conduct is violent and lengthy.’”

So Martin didn’t even serve half of a ten-year prison sentence.

DA Schubert added, “Inmate Martin has committed several felony violations and clearly has little regard for human life and the law, which can be shown by his conduct in his prior felony convictions of robbery, possession of a firearm and prior misdemeanor conviction of providing false information to a peace officer.”

The Left quickly pivoted away from the story after there was not a gun control angle to be exploited.

Martin was in possession of a stolen weapon that had been converted into a fully automatic weapon.

Before the facts came out, the usual suspects spewed inane gun control arguments.

Parkland survivor and gun grabber David Hogg tweeted, “If you need a license to kill deer why don’t you need one to kill humans?”

This is the low-level thinking that passes for “sound” gun control arguments.

California is quickly becoming ungovernable.

Criminals are essentially given free rein to steal from stores, and even when they’re caught, they’re let go by progressive district attorneys.

The state isn’t even doing a good job of keeping violent repeat offenders off the streets.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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