Tax delinquent PA Dem Congressman showed real stones

COVID tyranny for everyday Americans was strictly enforced while the ruling class felt less compelled to follow their own orders.

Politicians’ hypocrisy is nothing new, particularly in recent years on the left side of the aisle – and it continues to this very day.

But this tax delinquent Pennsylvania Democrat showed some real stones in the worst possible way.

A tax delinquent Pennsylvania Democrat Congressman had the gall to back a plan to hire an army of new IRS Agents.

Congressman Matt Cartwright (D-PA) has a lot of nerve.

And he isn’t exactly adept at money management.

Last year he owed $436.63 in penalties and interest that accrued from late property tax payments on his Washington, D.C. condo.

That may seem like something that can be explained away by a simple error, but it’s part of a pattern.

According to the Associated Press, U.S. Rep. Matt Cartwright regularly paid his real-estate taxes late on his Washington, D.C., condominium, piling up almost $3,700 in interest and penalties, as shown by online records.

Between 2013 and 2018, Cartwright fell behind in paying taxes on the condo and a related parking space.

It once was so dire that he received a notice threatening the condo’s sale, but eventually Cartwright paid the taxes plus penalties and interest.

When questioned about the reason for the late payments, Cartwright said, “This is a very busy job that I have and I’m working really hard at it.”

All of this is relevant because now Cartwright has backed a plan that would unleash an army of nearly 90,000 new IRS agents on the American people.

The Congressman announced his support this week for the euphemistically-named, “Inflation Reduction Act”, the Democrats’ $430 billion spending bill that gives the IRS $80 billion to hire up to 87,000 additional employees.

The lackadaisical approach to paying the confiscatory taxes he and his fellow Democrats so readily impose on others could become problematic for the congressman as he faces a difficult reelection bid against GOP challenger Jim Bognet. 

Cartwright trails the Republican by 1 point with 9 percent of voters undecided in recent polling of the 8th Congressional District.

Another hurdle for him is President Biden.

Biden dubiously claims Scranton, Pennsylvania as his hometown.

The city of nearly 80,000 is completely located within the 8th Congressional District and has soured considerably on the Commander-In-Chief as just 38 percent of district voters approve of Biden, compared with 60 percent who disapprove.

Jim Bognet, Cartwright’s Republican opponent, says, “With that many new IRS agents, every small business can expect to be audited. We must stop this spending spree, and we must stop this auditing spree.”

The Cook Political Report rates Pennsylvania’s 8th Congressional District as a Toss Up for November.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.



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