Students are being allowed to walk out of the classroom to protest conservatives in this major city

One of the most concerning issues facing America is the sad state of our schools. 

In many major cities, the vast majority of students are failing out of school and resorting to a life of crime. 

But to make matters worse, students are being welcomed to walk out of the classroom to protest in favor of far-left causes in this major city. 

There is no way of denying it, America is on a very bad path. 

One major example of this decline can be seen in the sorry state of America’s government-run school systems. 

The United States is plummeting on the world stage when it comes to math and science, and nations like China are far surpassing the United States. 

No wonder the Chinese are slowly taking over the world while American children are worrying about what their pronouns will be this week. 

A primary reason for this major decline in our education systems is the lack of structure. 

Instead of teaching students about science and math, students are learning about transgenderism and Critical Race Theory. 

To make matters worse, some school districts are now allowing (and often welcoming) students to put down their pencils, leave the school building and protest in the streets for whatever left-wing cause the administration comes up with. 

The most recent example of this brainwashing can be seen in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

Just the other day, students at schools across the city were encouraged to group together and protest against gun rights. 

Signs could be read decrying pro-gun groups such as the NRA, who have absolutely nothing to do with any of these horrific mass shootings. 

The fact that teachers are actively encouraging minors to adopt their radical leftist views is appalling. 

Even worse, Minneapolis government schools are failing by almost every measure. 

According to the Minnesota Department of Education, Minneapolis City Schools have an average High School graduation rate of 74%.  

The state average is 83% and the national average is 89%. 

The fact that students are not in the classroom in a district that has a graduation rate 15% below the national average is very destructive and backward. 

It is time for parents to rise up. 

Political projects such as this must be met with fierce resistance, or else Minneapolis schools will continue to fail its students. 

By spending time on the streets instead of spending time in the classroom, these young minds are being taught that rioting is more important than academics. 

That should be the absolute last thing our nation’s youth should be learning, yet it is happening all across America. 

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story. 



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