Spineless jurors did the unthinkable for these Black Lives Matter terrorists

The truth is, we may never know the true total of the damage that was caused to our nation during the riots of 2020.

Countless businesses were senselessly destroyed and looted, lives were lost, and public facilities were decimated.

To top it all off, spineless jurors did the unthinkable for these Black Lives Matter terrorists.

In today’s world, it is in vogue to destroy your community if you subscribe to a radical leftist worldview.

This was no more evident than during the riots of 2020, where billions of dollars of damage were caused to communities across the nation.

Businesses were burnt to the ground, police stations were burned, fire trucks were blocked.

Meanwhile, leftist politicians applauded these acts of terrorism.

More dangerously, many of these radical politicians took things to the next level by making extremely stupid changes to the criminal justice systems in their respective cities and states.

Examples of such brain-dead policies include bail reform, which makes it virtually impossible to keep violent criminals in prison, and the defunding of already strained police departments across the nation.

But none of that is as egregious as what this one jury based out of Colorado just did for a group of rioters.

Just the other day, it was announced that a jury in Denver, Colorado agreed to award a group of BLM terrorists a sum of $14 million for the “damages” they received from police officers while rioting.

The protestors all suffered minor non-lethal injuries from pepper spray and rubber bullets.

Having said that, the jury felt compelled nonetheless to fork over millions of tax dollars to these scumbags.

These terrorists were represented by none other than the American Civil Liberties Union, which today is nothing more than a radical leftist legal organization.

This lawsuit represents everything wrong with America, and more specifically leftist cities such as Denver.

Instead of holding people accountable for literally burning the city to the ground, these terrorists are being awarded massive sums of taxpayer dollars.

You better believe these radicals will be back in force the next time a cop has to shoot a violent criminal.

The very fact that these extremists were allowed to sue the city in the first place is absolutely reprehensible.

But make no mistake, once other BLM terrorists catch wind of this lawsuit, expect for others to follow suit across the nation.

After all, stealing taxpayer dollars is what the radical Left does best.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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