Soros DA dropped the hammer on small business’ staff for an infuriating reason

There is no way of sugar coating it at this point, life is getting tougher for almost everyone in Joe Biden’s America.

It’s about to get a whole lot worse for small businesses and workers.

And this small business’ staff just learned what Democrats and their Soros DAs really think of them.

Nobody and no business is safe from the onslaught of violence and theft in Joe Biden’s America.

Crime has become a part of daily life all across the country — nearly every community has been afflicted.

But things are about to reach a whole new level in New York City where people are outraged after their insane George Soros-backed District Attorney just did the unthinkable.

The primary reason for this surge in crime is the pro-crime policies adopted by the Left, following the riots of 2020.

Police budgets were slashed, and pro-crime District Attorneys were installed in most major cities across the land.

To make matters worse, criminal justice systems in most cities were “reformed” aka transformed to allow repeat offenders to avoid jail time in many instances.

“Defund the Police” became the mantra of the Left, and ever since, America has plunged into chaos.

But now that most major cities have become overrun with crime, even those on the Left are becoming aware of just how stupid these pro-crime policies really are.

As a result, far-Left cities such as San Francisco have begun recalling their District Attorneys after they failed to do their basic duty, and that is keep the city safe.

But in New York City, people are filled with rage at their far-Left District Attorney, Alvin Bragg.

Bragg is an extreme leftist who was elected with the help of financier and Democrat Party mega donor, George Soros.

And ever since Bragg took office, he has failed in every sense of the word.

But Bragg’s most recent action has New Yorkers outraged.

A worker named Jose Alba in a New York City bodega was viciously attacked by a notorious criminal named Austin Simon, Fox News reported.

The attack was allegedly sparked after Simon’s girlfriend was turned away from buying a bag of chips after her EBT card was rejected.

Alba managed to fight back and kill his assailant in an obvious case of self defense but not before sustaining stab wounds from both the box cutter he and Simon wrestled over which he’d pulled to defend himself and reportedly from an object Simon’s girlfriend pulled during the melee.

However, this did not matter to District Attorney Alvin Bragg who charged Alba with second degree murder and set his bond at a whopping $500,000.

After serving a couple weeks in Rikers Island, his bond was eventually lowered to $50,000 which has since been paid by Alba’s family.

Having said that, the charges still remain and New Yorkers are furious.

Violent attacks have become an everyday occurrence in the city and Bragg’s decision to prosecute the bodega employee in this case shows he stands firmly on the side of criminals.

However, with the intense outrage sparked by the case, Bragg has already announced he may consider dropping the charges.

Even if he does, the family still had to post a $50,000 bond and Alba had to spend weeks in one of America’s harshest prisons.

The time is way past due to recall Alvin Bragg and make New York City a livable city again.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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