Something terrifying happened to one sports news crew that shows how bad violent crime is today

America’s cities are spinning wildly out of control.

Democrat leaders refuse to do anything as their policies wreak havoc.

And something terrifying just happened to one sports news crew that shows how bad violent crime is today.

Many blue cities around the country, particularly on the west coast, are experiencing a marked rise in violent crime.

Progressive District Attorneys bought and paid for by George Soros are more interested in letting off criminals than keeping their citizens safe.

And Oakland is one of the west coast cities sliding into despair.

Things are so bad, an NBC sports crew was recently robbed while working on a story.

The Mercury News reports:

“An NBC sports crew was robbed at gunpoint Saturday morning in Oakland, police said. The crew was on assignment in the Jack London Square area when three armed individuals took a camera from inside the crew’s vehicle, according to Oakland Police Department spokesperson Kim Armstead. None of the crew members were holding the camera at the time and there were no injuries. The robbery marks the third incident involving news organizations in Oakland in the last two and a half weeks. On Dec. 3, a San Francisco Chronicle photographer was robbed at gunpoint in West Oakland. On Nov. 24, Kevin Nishita — a security guard and former police officer — was fatally shot during an attempted robbery downtown while he was with a KRON-TV Channel 4 news crew.”

Jack London Square is also the place where former California Senator Barbara Boxer was mugged.

Boxer told reporters that she said to the attacker, “How can you do this to a grandmother?”

Far-left Mayor Libby Schaaf had no choice but to address the spike in crime.

He said:

“While we are not backing down whatsoever in our historic investments in prevention as well as a non-police response option called MACRO, we must address police staffing shortages and that is what we will do.”

Yet again the “defund the police” rhetoric ran smack-dab into reality.

Schaaf is the same Mayor who dubbed Oakland a so-called “sanctuary city” and tipped off illegal aliens in the city to ICE raids.

At the same time, Schaaf called for an FBI investigation into an alleged “hate crime incident” because of what he thought were nooses that were left on trees in a public park.

It turned out that a black resident in the neighborhood put ropes on trees in order to exercise because gyms had been closed down due to the pandemic.

Even after this information came to light, Schaaf still referred the matter to the FBI.

California Democrats continue to vote blue no matter what, and now they’re suffering the consequences.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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