Some California criminals just got an unexpected career perk thanks to the Defund The Police crowd

Criminals in one California county just got promoted to the day shift.

That unexpected career perk comes after the county sheriff made a disturbing announcement.

And it’s all thanks to the Defund The Police crowd.

Policing to make sure criminals don’t violate the rights of upstanding citizens it one of a few legitimate roles of government—and uses of tax dollars.

But at their core leftists oppose anything that limits their power—and that includes an effective justice system.

Now after two years of “Defund The Police” brainwashing generated by Marxist Defund The Police activists, the reality of neglecting America’s police forces is sinking in.

Now a Sheriff in one California County has been forced to take a drastic measure that’s practically begging criminals to step up their game.

CA County Sheriff’s Office forced to give up day-time patrols

The Tehama County Sheriff’s Office released an announcement that all daytime patrols in the county will be suspended starting November 20.

Apparently, staffing shortages have become a massive problem causing the office to be unable to cover a 24/7 patrol schedule.

The Tehama County Deputy Sheriff’s Association reamed county bosses in a Facebook post.

“We have spoken to the Board for several years and warned them that staffing levels are too low. Rather than take swift and decisive action, they have delayed and allowed too many good employees to leave,” the association wrote in its post.

“Several housing units within the Jail have been shut down, the Dispatch Center was temporarily shut down and now Dayshift Patrol will be shut down,” the post added. “We will continue to do everything we can for the great citizens of Tehama County.”

That’s an especially shocking development since biggest city in the county, Red Bluff has a violent crime rate higher than about 97% of the country.

National Police Association Spokeswoman Sgt. Besty Brantner-Smith is also warning that the county’s jail is only staffed at 60%.

“This is catastrophic, not for the police officers, it’s catastrophic for the citizens,” Brantner-Smith told Fox & Friends.

The Sheriff’s Office lost 20 employees last year—a huge amount for the Northern California county that includes just under 3,000 square miles to patrol and a population around 63,000.

Over the past several years there has been a steady flow of first responders leaving California in favor of more conservative locales.

“We truly have a war on cops here in the United States. We have had over 105 police officers shot, we’ve had 55 fatally,” Brantner-Smith added. “And we have 60,000 police officers assaulted every single day in this country.”

Police reform has created an atmosphere where police have been vilified and are often underpaid for the cost of living in crime-ridden blue states—especially considering the dangers they face on the job.

According to in California the average police officer salary is $68,600 a year.

Ironically, the site groups police officers with professions offering similar pay including rodeo clowns.

Meanwhile, you’d better believe in a climate where leftist pro-crime District Attorneys will let them get away with almost anything, crime is certainly paying well.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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