Small business owners are outraged over this blue state’s insane licensing policy

Across the nation, more and more states are legalizing the recreational use of Marijuana.

Each state has its unique approach to this process, and unsurprisingly some states are making this process as painful as possible with red tape and oversight.

So small business owners are understandably outraged over this blue state’s insane licensing policy.

Democrats always manage to destroy everything they touch

For decades, Democrats have been pushing for the legalization of Marijuana and in 21 states this has become a reality.

Although Democrats have had success legalizing Marijuana on the state-wide level, they cannot help but get in their own way.

The truth is that legalizing a drug that is still classified as a Schedule 1 controlled substance is no easy feat.

The process to effectively legalize Marijuana is a complicated one, especially in blue states that have immensely powerful governments.

One such state is New York, which has one of the most powerful state governments in the nation.

The Democrats who run the state of New York cannot help but tax and regulate the hell out of everything, including Marijuana, which they fought so hard to legalize.

One of the most ridiculous terms of their newly passed Marijuana legalization bill is regarding who gets first dibs on valuable retail licenses which allows people and businesses to legally sell their Marijuana products.

According to the law in New York, the first 150 licenses will be issued to black and Hispanic people who have been convicted of Marijuana offenses in the past.

This policy is angering people who have not been arrested, who wish to set up their businesses sooner rather than later.

This is yet another example of New York getting in its own way with “woke” policies that do nothing but hinder small business growth.

New York State is a prime example of why big government does not work

New York’s “woke” additions to their Marijuana bill prove once again why big government is always a bad thing.

For decades, Democrats have been trying to legalize Marijuana, and now that they have it, the Democrats and the “woke” crowd are trying to find ways to ruin it.

By prioritizing criminals and people of color, New York is sending a powerful message to entrepreneurs everywhere: your investment is not welcome here.

Now is not the time to be playing these sorts of “woke” games.

People need jobs, and limiting job growth to appease a small portion of the population is not a smart idea.

Moving forward, New York would be wise to allow the free market to operate more freely, regardless of the industry.

The bottom line is that New York’s legalization of Marijuana is looking to be a major pain in the rear thanks to New York’s anti-business climate.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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