Sergeant’s “full life support” ordeal in one hellish city has only just begun

Crime is out of control in America, and now is the most dangerous time to be a law enforcement officer in recent memory.

Criminals feel emboldened to disobey and attack brave public servants after years of dangerous leftist rhetoric.

Now a sergeant’s “full life support” ordeal in one hellish city has only just begun.

A recent attack in Baltimore  left a city police sergeant holding on for dear life.

CBS Baltimore reported a police sergeant in NW Baltimore pulled a car over in what was described as a routine traffic stop on Tuesday.

But once the officer approached, the car took off, dragging the officer along the road for two blocks and eventually striking another vehicle.

Fox News reported Wednesday that the man was taken to hospital where Chief Physician of the Shock Trauma unit stated “He is critically ill. He is on full life support. He will be headed to the intensive care unit in the not-so-distant future.”

Thankfully, on Thursday a CBS Baltimore update reported the unnamed officer is in fair condition following surgery according to Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison.

Nevertheless, the public servants’ road to recovery has only just begun.

America is experiencing a crime surge the likes of which has not been seen in a very long time.

This attack on a Baltimore police sergeant is just one of many recent attacks on law enforcement in America.

Criminals feel like they can do whatever the hell they want, when they want.

This behavior was reinforced after liberals spent the summer of 2020 marching for the rights of career criminals such as George Floyd, resulting in many cities completely upending their criminal justice systems to favor crime and criminals.

In some cities, it is now virtually impossible to put violent felons behind bars. Often criminals are released just minutes after being arrested just to go commit more crimes.

Unsurprisingly, the results of these braindead, pro-crime policies have been devastating.

Every city that has experimented with slashing police budgets and upending bail systems has seen an astronomical rise in violent crime.

For example, the city of Los Angeles has seen a 52% spike in homicides over the last couple of years per LAPD data.

Similar data has been recorded in cities across the nation.

The city of Baltimore, Maryland is no exception, and the vicious attack on the police sergeant proves just how bad things are getting in Baltimore.

Once again the Left has blood on their hands, yet they do not seem to care.

Now is the time for the residents of Baltimore and every community for that matter to stand up and remove the far-Left extremists who are actively destroying their communities.

Pro-crime policies such as defunding the police, canceling bail, and legalizing drugs and homelessness are making massive swaths of America unlivable.

Americans deserve better, and this November voters need to send a resounding message that they are fed up with crime, or else it will only get worse.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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