Seattle small business owners cannot believe their ears after the “woke” mob makes this insane demand

Chaos and mayhem erupted all across America following the death of George Floyd in 2020. 

Instead of standing up to this depravity, many on the Left encouraged it, leading to millions in damages. 

But, Seattle small business owners cannot believe their ears after the “woke” mob makes this insane demand. 

Democrat-controlled cities have not learned anything from the 2020 riots

Following the death of George in 2020, American cities descended into chaos and anarchy. 

Businesses were looted, and some were even burnt to the ground, ruining the lives of thousands of business owners and their employees. 

As far as the long-term consequences are concerned, many Democrat-controlled cities are still reeling from the damage. 

Following the riots, many cities upended their criminal justice systems to make it harder than ever to hold criminals accountable for the crimes they commit. 

The city of Seattle, Washington is one such city, and businesses such as Starbucks, Nike, and more are leaving the city on a daily basis. 

Despite this obvious decline, so-called community leaders in Seattle are demanding that Democrats do even more to vilify police and support criminals. 

Earlier this week, Seattle’s Office of Inspector General delivered 22 recommendations to the Seattle City government, created by a panel of alleged community leaders. 

One of the recommendations is a demand for the Seattle City Police Department to apologize for trying to stop the chaos in 2020. 

More specifically, the report says the Seattle Police Department should “acknowledge the harm to BIPOC community caused by Seattle Police actions over time and issue a public apology for the actions of Seattle Police during the 2020 protests. 

It added, “SPD must truly protect and serve the community in ways that are just, fair, and supportive.” 

Seattle is surrendering to people who wish to destroy the city 

Seattle hosted some of the most extreme riots in 2020, including the creation of C.H.O.P. which stood for Capitol Hill Occupied Protest. 

C.H.O.P. was more or less an occupied section of the Capitol Hill neighborhood, where a batch of extreme far-left protestors took over the area and declared independence from the city of Seattle and its laws. 

Instead of snuffing out this lawlessness, C.H.O.P. was allowed to exist for far too long.  Rapes, murders, theft, and other serious crimes were reportedly rampant in the zone. 

It is virtually impossible to get arrested in Seattle for many crimes, especially drug-related crimes, which are practically encouraged by the state at this point. 

The only option that many law-abiding Seattle residents have at this point is to simply leave the city. 

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.



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