SCOTUS justices triggered this blue state to implement a truly stomach-churning policy

Deep-blue states are embracing far-Left policies at break-neck speeds.

And they’re dragging the entire Democrat Party with them.

And now SCOTUS justices triggered this blue state to implement a truly stomach-churning policy.

Most insane law implemented in post-Roe California yet

Thanks to a Democratic supermajority in the state legislature, California is going off the rails with far-Left policies.

The Supreme Court’s landmark abortion ruling triggered California Democrats to implement one crazy law.

For the first two times in state history, California had net negative migration out of the state in 2020 and 2021.

People are fleeing the high taxes, high crime, burdensome regulations, and cultural extremism.

Since the Supreme Court’s landmark ruling in the Dobbs decision that overturned Roe v. Wade and allowed states to decide their own abortion laws, California has predictably gone to the complete fringe.

Not only does California aim to be an abortion sanctuary, but now nurses will be allowed to perform abortions without doctors present.

The Daily Wire reported that “the California state Senate passed a measure permitting specifically trained nurse practitioners to perform abortions without the supervision of a doctor. The legislation, SB 1375, would allow nurse practitioners who have undergone specific training to perform abortions ‘by aspiration techniques’ in the state without being supervised by a surgeon or a physician. An aspiration abortion is also known as a machine vacuum aspiration, during which a physician uses a vacuum to remove the contents of a pregnant woman’s uterus, thus removing an unborn fetus from her body with a suction device. The procedure can take around three hours to complete if the woman is between four and ten weeks pregnant, but if she is further along, the procedure could be longer, or she might need to come back to the doctor’s office multiple times…”

Nurses kill unborn babies after removing with a suction device

So now nurses will be able to use industrial-strength vacuum cleaners to suck babies out of the womb and put them in a drum to be sent off to a lab for medical testing.

That is the “right” Democrats are desperate to defend.

The entire abortion industry is ghoulish, which has caused the activism to follow suit; Democrats have moved from “safe, legal, and rare” to “shout your abortion!”

State Senator Toni Atkins said, “As judges and lawmakers across the country continue to throw pregnant women into impossible and perilous positions, I am proud that California is resolutely moving in the opposite direction…We need to do everything we can to ensure abortion care is not only protected, but expanded in California.”

One would think that the goal is to create conditions where abortion withers away, not “expanded in California,” but then Planned Parenthood and other organizations would go broke.

More than 80% of Americans oppose abortion up to the point of birth, but that’s the direction that blue states like California and New York have moved.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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