Rumored Joe Biden replacement let intentions slip by stumbling into a fight with Trump supporters he’s not ready for

Nowhere in the nation is falling apart faster than in Democrat-led states.

But leftist politicians don’t care about anything other than furthering their political power.

So a rumored Democrat favorite to replace Biden in 2024 should have thought twice before stumbling in front of Trump supporters.

California Governor Gavin Newsom has the equivalent to a nine-alarm fire political situation going down in his own state. 

But somehow, the Democrat executive—a much-rumored choice among top Democrats to replace Joe Biden at the top of ticket in 2024—recently managed to find time to show up in the last place you’d ever expect. 

Lately, Gavin Newsom has been spending about half of his time sparring with prominent Republicans and lecturing like he’s running for Pesident. 

He’s spending the other half claiming he has “subzero” interest in running for President. 

Like whenever Vice President Kamala Harris says “speak truth.”  

That should definitely set off the lie detectors for those paying attention – like whenever Vice President Kamala Harris says “let me speak truth for a second” during a speech or event.  

Newsom is so desperate for attention it’s downright pathetic. 

With all the problems going down in California right now, you’d think he’d be too busy to even consider gawking over his neighbor’s fence—much less wasting all kinds of time telling them how to run their states. 

After all, the Golden State is practically hemorrhaging people and businesses. 

Conservatives have been fleeing—and it’s likely plenty of people who simply wanted a job left during the long period during the COVID-19 lockdowns when unemployment hovered around 7%. 

Employment numbers are starting to stabilize, but there’s no news on how much of that is due to people abandoning the state. 

Newsom’s heavy-handed response to the pandemic also proved how quickly the leftist state is willing to go into full-on Communist-style control mode. 

Elon Musk was so fed up he sold his California real estate and moved Tesla’s headquarters to Texas. 

The one industry booming in Cali is criminal rings specializing in smash-and-grab robberies. 

They are absolutely cleaning up.

But in spite of all the issues at home, somehow Newsom still manages to find time to taunt Republicans. 

And his latest move has conservatives everywhere scratching their heads as he chose to give one Donald Trump enterprise a big boost. 

Newsom recently created a profile on Trump’s Truth Social—the former President’s home-grown answer to Twitter. 

It’s a move that immediately generated plenty of press for Trump’s enterprise without doing Newsom a whole lot of good considering that the bulk of his supporters probably can’t stand the thought of Truth Social—and they certainly aren’t looking for him there. 

Then again, Democrats go gaga for political hacks who claim they’re going toe-to-toe against the America First crowd.  

So it could all be an exercise in “surfacing” where presidential hopefuls and their yet-to-be official political campaigns try to boost their image with various stunts.

His first video was a post chastising red states for refusing to implement gun control. 

Newsom claimed he’s on some sort of mission to hold conservatives accountable and wasn’t bashful about spreading the claim on other social media platforms.

“I just joined Trump’s Truth Social,” Newsom wrote in a tweet. “Going to be on there calling out Republican lies. This could get…interesting.”

Instead of pretending he doesn’t want to take a shot at winning the Oval Office, maybe it’s time for Newsom to figure out how to stir up some business in California—some kind of legal business. 

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.



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