Retired homicide investigator laid waste to the LAPD’s top cop for taking a knee in this heated policy battle

Democrat-run cities are on the ropes with crime on the rise and leadership that seems unable to solve the problem.

Now some think they have scored an important win.

But this retired LAPD homicide investigator laid waste to the City of Angels’ top cop for taking a knee in one heated policy battle.

The violent crime trends in Los Angeles are not good.

That’s why George Soros-backed District Attorney George Gascón barely survived a recall effort under dubious circumstances.

Even Hollywood liberals support the effort to recall Gascón.

And Angelenos almost elected Rick Caruso as mayor, who changed his party affiliation from Republican to Democrat five minutes before the election.

Crime has gotten so bad, liberals in Beverly Hills are even scrambling to buy guns and go to the range.

LA Democrats score a policy ‘win’ by banning symbol of respect for police as crime spirals out of control

As crime and homelessness spike in the city, officials in Los Angeles got down to doing important work, such as banning the “Thin Blue Line” flag.

Los Angeles Police Chief Michael Moore banned department personnel from displaying the symbol on uniforms or bumper stickers or anywhere else within stations.

LAPD Chief suggests those who now fly “Thin Blue Line Flag” are racists and extremists

Moore said, “It’s unfortunate that extremist groups have hijacked the use of the `Thin Blue Line Flag’ to symbolize their undemocratic, racist, and bigoted views…Flags serve as powerful symbols with specific meanings.”

Support for law enforcement or Second Amendment rights immediately get lumped in with the worst of the worst in leftist groupthink, which is preposterous.

Retired homicide cop rips Police Chief and Mayor for the move

Retired LAPD homicide detective Sal LaBarbera said in response to Moore, “I love seeing our LAPD in the national news. Except this time for the most embarrassing reason. Calling Chief Michael Moore weak for caving to the communist Mayor. Grow a spine, support the troops and law and order.”

The “communist Mayor” would be Karen Bass, who barely defeated Caruso.

Bass has more than flirted with Communism in the past, which hurt her chances of getting Kamala Harris’s Senate seat.

The LAPD isn’t the only organization caving to this left-wing framing.

Leaked documents from the FBI showed that the Bureau considered the Betsy Ross flag, the Gadsden flag, and the Gonzales Battle flag as potential indicators of “Militia Violent Extremism.”

The fact that Caruso almost won in a city where Republicans have zero chance of getting elected citywide is indicative of how bad things have gotten.

Far-Left policies do not work, and Bass is promising more of the same.

Banning the “Thin Blue Line” flag is not going to do anything to curb violent crime.

If anything, it will make crime worse by further demonizing and demoralizing the police.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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