Results: Was the Waukesha killer a terrorist?

Was the Waukesha killer a terrorist?
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Barack Obama’s favorite political strategy is on full display in this battleground U.S. Senate race

When Barack Obama was running for the White House in 2008, he promised he would fundamentally change America – and he sure did. But change isn’t always good, as – among other things – Obama set the racial divide in the United States back decades. And now one Democrat U.S. Senate candidate in a must-win […]

Karine Jean-Pierre

Jen Psaki’s replacement utterly humiliated herself in the wake of this savage attack caught on video

Crime is raging out of control in America, yet Joe Biden and his handlers are refusing to admit that there is a crime problem whatsoever. The good news is, many Americans are seeing right through these lies and are fed up with living their lives in a constant state of fear. Even more damning, Jen […]

Eric Adams

Eric Adams thought his press conference line was funny but most of the country is furious

Democrats have convinced themselves of their own moral and intellectual superiority. Apparently the same goes for their sense of humor, laughing it off when their own policies end in tragedy. Because NYC Mayor Eric Adams thought this press conference line was funny but most of the country is furious. Big Apple’s Democrat mayor insulted most […]


Wild clip shows Amy Klobuchar wasn’t the only leftist who face-planted trying to capitalize on Hurricane Ian

With so much on the line, Democrats aren’t leaving anything to chance. Ridiculous and over the top statements for partisan gain aren’t new but some are so over the top that they leave you shaking your head. And a wild new clip shows Amy Klobuchar wasn’t the only leftist who face-planted pathetically trying to capitalize […]


Lori Lightfoot’s hateful rhetoric has spurred another attack

America is in a very bad place after years of out-of-control crime. The surge in crime America is seeing has been caused by the Left and their violent rhetoric, and things are only getting worse by the day. And in Chicago, Lori Lightfoot’s hateful rhetoric has spurred another attack. Chicago is becoming more dangerous by […]


Nancy Pelosi just suffered a shocking incident on Chuck Schumer’s home turf that she’ll never forgive him for

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer have always presented a unified front on their radical, far-Left agenda. But there are more fractures in the Democrat Party Brass than anyone expected. And Speaker Pelosi may never forgive Chuck Schumer for the shocking incident she just suffered on his home turf. Everybody is […]


Portland’s leftist leaders just got knocked on their rears by this surprise lawsuit

Democrats love harassing anyone who is actually trying to accomplish something in life with their endless list of demands to make sure everyone is playing “fair.” Now the tables have turned. Because a group of Portlanders just served their leftists leaders with a richly deserved lawsuit. Private businesses have spent the past several decades struggling […]


Antifa and BLM goons’ hearts melted over this program at taxpayer-funded university to give them aid

It’s become abundantly clear that colleges and universities have become breeding grounds for anti-American causes. Now receipts prove they doubled down to reward the Left’s shock troops. And Antifa and BLM goons’ hearts are melting over this taxpayer-funded university’s program to give them aid. UC Berkeley gives huge sum of money to a radical cause […]