Residents of this crime-infested city are finally fed up with their Democrat-run government

Across the nation, many communities are crumbling at the hands of radical Democrats.

This is in large part due to their pro-crime policies that have turned upscale neighborhoods into war zones.

But fortunately, Americans are speaking out about these brain-dead policies and citizens of this one notoriously dangerous city, in particular, have had enough.

For years, the city of Baltimore has seen a very rapid decline.

This once picturesque, historic, waterfront city has turned into a hotbed of gun violence and theft.

It is not even safe to take your family there during the daytime any more.

Small business owners are the ones who are feeling the brunt of this crime spike and especially after the riots of 2020, many fear that they will be out of business in no time.

Who would want to set up shop in an area with rampant theft?

To make matters worse, following the riots of 2020, Baltimore made it even harder to lock up hardened criminals.

Like many major cities, Baltimore completely overhauled their criminal justice system, making it easier than ever to be a criminal.

After years of mayhem, concerned citizens in Baltimore are finally speaking out.

Just the other day, the city of Baltimore held a public forum, and it did not go as they hoped it would.

Small business owners showed up in force in an attempt to hold their corrupt city government accountable.

One city official, Marilyn Mosby, took the brunt of this outrage, and for good reason.

Mosby, who is serving as a city attorney in Baltimore, is facing federal fraud charges for lying on two separate mortgage applications, among other crimes.

One concerned citizen confronted her and told her that the city’s rise in crime corresponds to her eight years in office.

This citizen went on to say, “So I’m concerned right now, given the optics of your situation, how any person in Baltimore can feel comfortable with the state’s attorney who spends time in Florida, flaunting an annual salary of $250,000. And then decides to do what many people in our city can’t do: Take money out of their pension fund so they can flip houses and make a profit of [$150,000].”

She added, “Now, you can’t deny that because that’s in your own documents.”

Check mate.

Mosby went on to deny these accusations, claiming that these sort of attacks are racist.

To anybody with any sense, these remarks are obviously not racist, they are true and damning.

Overpaid frauds like Mosby represent everything wrong with our country, and she needs to go where she belongs.


Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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