Residents of this American city are responding to the recent crime surge in the most ridiculous ways imaginable

Across the nation, nearly every community is seeing a major uptick in crime following the race riots of 2020.

This has caused residents to make difficult decisions about whether they should move or perhaps beef their security up.

But residents of this one city are resorting to ridiculous measures to curtail a major spike in crime.

The city of Los Angeles has long been in decline.

Communities like Redondo Beach and even Hollywood are now complete hellholes that families and tourists are afraid to visit in fear of being robbed or shot.

According to the Los Angeles Police Department, crime has risen across the board in LA since last year.

Per LAPD data, nonviolent property crimes are up 3.7%, violent crimes are up 6.2%, robbery is up 5.2% and most shockingly, homicide is up 13% since 2020 and 52.2% since 2019.

But these crimes are not just happening in the shady side of town.

In Beverly Hills, home to California’s wealthy, far-left elite, violent crimes are up 25% over the past 12 months.

As with all wealthy left-wing elites, their mantra is “black lives matter” and “defund the police” until they get robbed and beaten.

But rather than calling on the boys in blue, Beverly Hills elitists are resorting to measures that are just down right stupid.

These clowns, rather than arm themselves and call on police, are upgrading their cars to bullet proof windows, and even more pathetically, installing safe rooms for them to run and hide in, in the case of a break in.

Meanwhile, businesses are installing fake products, such as fake Rolex watches in their windows to reduce theft risk.

All of these measures are nothing short of pathetic.

It is time for all of the plastic snobs in the Hills to wake up and do something about the hell hole they have created for themselves and their neighbors before they try and do the same thing to the rest of us.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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