Rent in this New England city is getting so out of control that it might pass San Francisco rates by the end of the year

There is no way of sugar coating it, the American economy right now is a complete mess.

Thanks to Biden and Pelosi’s radical policies, inflation is sky high, costs are rising, store shelves are empty, and of course rent is higher than ever.

But this one New England city in particular is seeing such a drastic rise in rent that it could soon take the crown as America’s most expensive city.

When you think about expensive, left-wing cities Boston often comes to mind.

Between the ridiculous taxes, elitist universities, and major banking and insurance institutions located there, Boston has always been on the pricey side.

But much like the rest of the nation, Boston is seeing an unmitigated surge in housing and rent prices.

At the end of 2021, the average 1 bedroom apartment in Boston was going for just under $2,600.

You read that right . . . a one bedroom apartment.

This is a drastic increase from the beginning of the year when these shoeboxes were going for around $2,000.

Now, Boston has always been an expensive place to live due to their high cost of living and crippling taxes, but this is worse than anybody has ever seen.

So bad in fact, that they are quickly approaching San Francisco’s rent prices.

As it stands, an average one bedroom apartment in San Francisco is around $2,850.

Being America’s most expensive city is not exactly an achievement Bostonians should be pleased with.

These ridiculously high rent prices have caused some to flee Boston all together, and many worry it could have long term consequences.

Some are even calling for the government to step in and pass laws to control rent.

Others are simply blaming COVID (without mentioning Boston’s crazy and restrictive COVID laws).

It looks like most Bostonians are completely missing the point here.

First of all, we all know that more government is the last thing Boston needs.

If anything, Bostonians should think about reducing taxes, which would certainly have an impact on rent prices.

But reducing taxes is an unknown concept in Boston and most of New England.

If Boston ever hopes to avoid becoming an east coast version of San Francisco, citizens need to either consider moving (hopefully not to a red state) or placing a mandate on their elected officials to stop taxing the hell out of them.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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