Rap artist who taunted NYPD was just exposed crying in jail

Leftist agitation has made life difficult for street cops these days, particularly in deep blue areas.

Some have taken advantage of the situation and have brazenly targeted police officers, but that’s always a gamble.

Now this rap artist who taunted the NYPD was just exposed crying in jail.

Famous Dick cries himself sick

Richard Sharp is a self-proclaimed member of the Chicago-based Black Disciples street gang.

He probably had an especially difficult time in middle school due to his name and over time he certainly developed a chip on his shoulder.

Performing under the name, “Famous Richard,” he was wanted for trying to remove guns from officers’ holsters.

He bragged on social media that he would never be caught, but that was only true until he was caught, and according to cops he was later “crying in his cell.” 

Sharp got busted on May 12 in Jamaica, Queens, weeks after cops released a safety alert about his illegal actions.


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♬ Geek – Edot Babyy

According to police, Sharp, originally from Chicago, was obstructing traffic and was ordered to get out of the street.

He defiantly refused and said, “I’m going to take your pipe.”

According to an NYPD spokesperson his intent was “to intimidate officers and caused reasonable expectation of fear of taking the officer’s firearm.”

Sharp was arraigned and charged with making a terroristic threat, obstructing governmental administration, resisting arrest, menacing and disorderly conduct.

This being New York, all of those charges are all eligible for bail and Sharp was released on his own recognizance.

The aspiring wannabe shot a video of himself getting released from a police station after his arrest last week, but things didn’t go quite as planned.

An officer tells him that he was “crying in our cells” when his phone was confiscated.

As Sharp continued to film the cops they kept reminding about his crying.

The officer said, “You’re the guy that got arrested. You were crying in the cells. I remember that.”

And word got out, because when Sharp shot another video, another group of cops remind him of his whining.

As Sharp filmed, a different officer said, “What’s up son. You was crying in the cells last week, right?” 

“Who told you that?” Sharp demands.

The cop answered, “I saw you, bro.”

Sharp has been arrested 12 times for firearm possession and has a history of assault on law enforcement.

After drying his tears, Sharp took to social media again to taunt police and tell them they couldn’t catch him.

The sad truth is that even if he’s wrong again –  and he’s caught again –  given the criminal coddling realities of New York in 2023, he probably won’t be crying for very long.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.



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