Radical Soros-backed prosecutor blamed rising crime on something insane

Violent crime increases are happening across the country.

Democrat-run cities in particular have been hit hard.

And one radical George Soros-backed prosecutor blamed rising crime on something insane.

San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin is facing a recall effort in arguably the most progressive city in the country.

Boudin was one of many far-left prosecutors bankrolled by George Soros, but with the murder rate jumping 30% in 2020 – a dubious record – even liberals have grown weary of idealistic pro-crime polities.

And Boudin might be the most radical of them all.

Both his birth parents and adoptive parents were Weather Underground terrorists in the 1970s, and he worked as an advisor for socialist dictator Hugo Chavez.

Boudin is dead-set on letting criminals out of prison, no matter what.

And in an interview with The New York Times, Boudin essentially blamed elites in San Francisco for the problems of the city.

In essence, he’s correct, but it’s absurd coming from him when he is the embodiment of the ruinous progressive policies.

When asked about the recall effort against him, Boudin blamed Republicans, who are powerless in San Francisco.

Boudin said that the city is “not dealing with a grass-roots movement. We’re dealing with a small number of wealthy individuals, many of whom are national Republican major donors, who have financial interests in the real estate industry, in the gig economy and in using the police and the criminal-justice system to force aggressive displacement and gentrification so that their real estate investments can go up.”

When the interviewer brought up the fact that the recall effort garnered 83,000 signatures, he responded: “It’s more complicated. It’s a self-reported number of signatures . . . It doesn’t change the fact that, hey, a lot of people seem to have signed. What any political consultant in California politics will tell you is that you can qualify anything you want for the ballot if you spend enough money to hire professional signature gatherers.”

In other words, “those evil Republicans” are why liberal San Franciscans want Boudin gone.

And in a jaw-dropping moment of the interview, Boudin explained that the rampant theft in the city was due to stores not detaining criminals and allowing the police to get there in time.

Boudin said:

“The reason is that the police almost never make it to the stores in response to a shoplifting call in time to effectuate an arrest. They rely on store security to hold people long enough for the police to arrive. If Walgreens or Target or any other store decides that it’s too risky, in terms of people getting injured or racial-profiling lawsuits or disturbing other customers — if those costs outweigh the benefit of having their staff make arrests, how do they expect me to prosecute? If the police can’t make arrests, to then say it’s the district attorney’s fault simply doesn’t add up.”

This is a mind-blowing confession mixed in with some lies.

First, Boudin’s office is not aggressively prosecuting theft.

But more importantly, Boudin admitted that companies have been hampered by fears of “racial-profiling lawsuits” and backlash from Black Lives Matter and the corporate-controlled press.

Boudin is being forced to defend his radical pro-crime policies, and he can’t do it.

That’s why he’s on the hot seat and could be recalled.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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