Radical leftists just came up with another insane program for kids in schools

The Left got caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

They have been pumping fringe ideas into the heads of children for years.

And radical leftists just came up with another insane program for kids in schools.

Leftists have been toggling back and forth on the argument over the neo-Marxist doctrine of Critical Race Theory.

Sometimes they say CRT is not being taught in schools, and sometimes they argue that it is being taught and that’s a good thing.

At this point, it is undeniable that CRT is being funneled into K-12.

The students may not be learning the philosophical underpinnings of the obscure legal theory, but they are most certainly being indoctrinated into its anti-American principles.

At Janney Elementary School in Washington, D.C., young kids were given an “anti-racist” assignment.

One of the worksheets asked kids the following: “Who in your family has racist beliefs? Do you think you can change their ways? What is your strategy for dealing with them?”

So they’re encouraging kids in elementary school to accuse someone in their household of being racist, then turn the list into the school.

This reeks of Stalinism and Maoism where children were rewarded for informing on their parents.

In another worksheet, students – again, in elementary school – were told to list observable examples of “overt,” “subtle,” and “systemic” racism.

The Left has gone entirely insane.

This is a sterling example of what has been going on in schools for years under the nose of unsuspecting parents.

The worksheet questions were the product of a guest speaker named Doyin Richards, who wrote a book called, Anti-Racism Fight Club Fist Book For Kids.

Richards was invited to the school by principal Danielle Singh, which shows that administrators are just as radical as the teachers.

If not for distance learning during COVID, it’s impossible to know when – or if – the radicals would have been caught.

Now they are losing the argument.

When parents learn about CRT, a majority of them do not like it.

The same trend is happening with radical gender theory.

The Left has depended on having a young, impressionable, captive audience in order to push their radical ideas.

Now that parents are aware of what’s going on, it’s going to be much harder for the Left to push their garbage propaganda.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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