Radical leftist bureaucrats in this one blue state are pushing for kids to be muzzled in perpetuity

Despite promises from the current regime in Washington, D.C. to get a handle on COVID, our nation is still dealing with this pandemic after a grueling two years.

But as we know at this point, the overreaction to COVID has been very costly, especially when it comes to interrupting the education and development of our nation’s children.

To make matters worse, radical leftist bureaucrats in this one blue state are pushing for kids to be muzzled in perpetuity.

Of all of the radical leftist states, Oregon takes the cake.

Whether it is the anarchist communes riddling the streets of Portland, or the extreme taxation, this state has gone completely crazy.

It should come at no surprise that Oregon has some of the most extreme COVID restrictions, which have left many businesses shuttered and schools closed.

But Oregon’s latest covid rule is guaranteed to make your blood boil.

Just the other day the Oregon Health Authority issued a ruling that children must wear masks in schools for the foreseeable future.

This insane mask mandate with no ending spits directly in the face of science, which leftists often claim to be on the side of.

Not only do flimsy cloth masks do little to prevent the spread of COVID, but also the risk of young children getting seriously ill from COVID are nearly zero.

This ruling proves why handing government power is extremely dangerous.

The Oregon Health Authority is nothing more than a collection of bureaucrats who do not have to answer to the voters.

This mask ruling in particular is guaranteed to stifle the development of children across the state.

The truth is, we may never see the full damage from this disgusting decree.

As you might imagine, some parents are absolutely outraged that they are not permitted to make health decisions for their children.

But naturally this overly powerful regulatory board cares very little about parents or their children for that matter.

The only hope for the future of America, and the future of our children, is parents and voters who are willing to stand up.

Masking children is a losing issue, just look at what happened in Virginia last November.

Terry McAuliffe and his union boss financiers laughed at the idea of parents making decisions for their children and they paid the political price for their arrogance.

Let’s hope that this is a trend that will sweep the nation this November.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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