Pro-crime lawmakers want more of your money to fight the latest problem they created in your town

Democrats love using your taxes to “fix” problems they created.

They refuse to acknowledge their failed policies are the root of the problem.

Instead, pro-crime lawmakers want more of your money to fight the latest problem they created in your town.

Pro-crime policies are destroying blue cities – and even many rural areas – all over America.

Now, rather than correcting course, lawmakers in Colorado want to give tax credits to anyone who installs a lockbox.

Delivery companies would also get tax breaks if they give residents lock boxes.

This comes on the heels of “justice reform” in the Centennial State.

Like most Democrats’ “fix-it” plans, this proposed law guarantees a net loss all around.

In order to qualify for the tax credit, the person installing a lock box has to show proof that they’ve filed a theft report to local law enforcement.

“What we want to do is deploy the solution where it’s needed. If you live in a remote part of the state, your likelihood of porch piracy is probably a lot lower. What we want to do is target this incentive towards areas that have seen the most incidents of porch piracy,” Representative Alex Valdez told The Hill. “People see that we need to do better at prevention.”

Ironically, Democrats are so steeped in woke propaganda they seem to have forgotten that a patrol car cruising down the street used to be a potent crime prevention tool.

According to a survey conducted in November, 64% of Americans had a package stolen in the past year – and Denver is the United States city with the most packages swiped off porch steps before the rightful owners get to them.

An increase in thefts is usually blamed on more online shopping during the pandemic, however it seems even more likely that Black Lives Matters riots along with campaigns to defund the police are behind the crime wave.

Denver’s elected officials jumped on the whole police defunding band wagon and swapped out police officers with mental health counselors.

That effort only lasted about six months before a “refunding” effort was under way.

But the problem is that merely going back to pre-riot levels is unlikely to do much good.

Neighborhoods that have devolved into lawless playgrounds for radical leftists aren’t going to simply revert into their pre-riot forms.

And officers under constant scrutiny aren’t likely to feel particularly inspired to chase down someone who just swiped a box – and risk having a routine stop devolve into a national incident.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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