Portland’s descent just took an unexpected turn after thugs took downtown

Somehow, Democrats insist with a straight face that they’re all for the underdog. 

In reality they’re busy propping up bullies of all kinds—including full-blown violent criminals. 

But now the descent of big blue oasis Portland just took an unexpected turn after thugs took downtown.

Consequences when Communists run the show

The situation is growing worse for the residents who remain in Portland, Oregon as one charitable group is being run out of the big blue city thanks to pro-crime democrats.

Democrats love to pretend they’re the party of the poor, standing up for the little guys and demanding that basic needs are met. 

Yet, ironically, the bluer the zip code, the more money you can make and still live in poverty due to the high cost of living that inevitably accompanies anywhere Democrats get their hands on public purse strings. 

The only thing worse would be letting a bunch of Communists run the show—and that’s basically what’s happened in Portland, Oregon.

When Marxist Black Lives Matter rioters stormed through the city and set up camp, they started a chain of events that has threatened to destroy what used to be considered a thriving blue oasis. 

Portland is over

Now the city is filled with encampments so devastating a local television station ran a series last year entitled, “Is Portland Over?”

Higher-income homeowners who can afford to take a hit have been selling their homes to escape the chaos and crime. 

In the latest twist, even one incredible charitable organization is being run out of the city thanks to pro-crime Democrats who are making life miserable for every low-income resident in the name of pushing for “equity.”

Unsafe for even a thrift store

The proprietors of Anniebug’s Attic Thrift store are finally being forced to close their doors due to the extremely unsafe conditions in their city. 

Unlike violent protestors who tore through the city leaving nothing but destruction behind them, the folks at Anniebug’s have been providing real, practical help for people down on their luck since 2015. 

“We started helping here, seven days a week, giving clothes and shoes and coats out to those who are struggling,” Jim Anderson, owner and founder, told Portland TV station KOIN. 

The shop’s “pay it forward” program allows those in need to come in every two weeks to get five free items. 

Some would say the store closing isn’t unexpected when giving things away isn’t the most sustainable business model to begin with.

Nevertheless, that apparently worked for Anniebug’s Attic for years and the owners never expected to get run out of town. 

But now that the city is mired in crime it’s simply too dangerous for them to continue operating—especially as their customer base dwindles as people are unwilling to risk visiting their store in person. 

“I’ve reached out to the city, cops, everybody. Nobody wants to help us,” Anderson explained. “The crime has gotten so bad out here. Our customers get harassed, the building next door almost got burnt down.”

Thugs took over downtown

Since thugs took over downtown Portland, Anderson has been forced to work side jobs just to keep the shop afloat, but now it’s time to face the music and admit an era is over.

Meanwhile, no politician dares to clean up crime for fear they’ll violate some sort of “woke” rules about letting criminals get away with absolutely anything in the name of “equity.” 

Downtown Portland is no longer a healthy place for anyone.

In fact, it seems every day helps answer the question posed by that Portland television station last fall—the city is indeed “over.”

Soon all that will be left of a once thriving downtown area is a dead zone littered with strung out drug addicts and their trash. 

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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