Portland thugs’ street takeover ended in pure terror and chaos

Chaos has consumed many major American cities ever since police departments were demonized and defunded back in 2020.

Laws are often unenforced, and criminals feel more emboldened than at any other time in recent memory.

However, things got especially violent after these Portland thugs’ street takeover ended in pure terror and chaos.

America’s cities are resembling dystopian societies more and more by the day

There is no way of denying that most American cities and communities have been overwhelmed by lawlessness.

Street takeovers have become the embodiment of such lawlessness, and most major cities have seen these street takeovers rise in popularity in the last couple of years or so.

A street takeover is when a group of thugs illegally shut down an intersection to throw a makeshift block party.

These street takeovers usually involve illegal fireworks, drag racing, drug use, drinking, and other illegal activities.

One city that has seen its fair share of street takeovers as of late is the liberal mecca of Portland, Oregon.

But just the other day, one street takeover ended in pure chaos resulting in multiple people being shot.

According to reports, one recent weekend was especially violent and Portland police were completely overwhelmed, thus allowing these street takeovers to take place.

At one street takeover in particular in Northeast Portland, hoodlums blocked a busy 6-way intersection, and bystanders claimed that there was smoke, fireworks, and people sitting on the roofs of local businesses.

But then things took a turn for the worse when multiple people were shot and injured. Police are unsure if it was at the takeover itself, but either way, the takeover created an atmosphere of chaos and hindered first responders from getting to the injured people.

This street takeover was one of many in Portland, and these takeovers clogged traffic significantly.
Emergency services across the city reported delays due to major intersections being blocked off.

Portland police later said that they were unable to shut down these events because they often require a large amount of officers due to the large crowds, and there were simply not enough officers available.

Communities are being destroyed as a result of rampant lawlessness

These sorts of street takeovers have overwhelmed cities across the nation, particularly on the west coast, and it is time for police to crack down on them.

Because they shut down major streets and intersections, these street takeovers are a major public safety hazard.

Sadly, cities like Los Angeles and Portland where these street takeovers have become parts of everyday life do not have the resources they need to crack down on these takeovers.

The socialists running these cities into the ground have stripped the police of much-needed funding and resources, and it should not surprise anybody when lawlessness ensues.

People who engage in these violent takeovers need to be held accountable for the immense damage they are doing to the community, and until that happens these takeovers will keep popping up.

The people of Portland deserve better, and the first step is to vote the morons destroying their city out of office.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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