Popular summer tradition canceled as one dangerous trend spreads

For many Americans, summer is a time to enjoy warm weather with family and friends. 

But this year it’s different.

And a popular summer tradition is getting canceled as one dangerous trend spreads.

Given the sorry state of this nation, this summer is more expensive and dangerous than any other time in recent memory. 

In fact, police in this major city had to cancel this summer tradition due to out of control crime. 

Nothing is better than a summer cookout, complete with delicious food, cold beer and your closest family and friends. 

But given the destruction Joe Biden and the Left have done to America over the years, cook outs are more expensive than anytime in recent memory. 

Not only are these gatherings more expensive, but they are more dangerous than ever before, especially if you live in an urban center. 

As a result of disastrous pro-crime policies, America’s streets are overwhelmed with crime and drug use. 

This is especially true in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where crime has skyrocketed due to pro-crime policies which were put in place during the riots of 2020. 

Crime has gotten so bad, that even popular summer events such as block parties are no longer safe to attend, even in broad daylight. 

This lack of safety has prompted a trend of cancellations to spread across the city, as permits are being denied by the Philadelphia Police Department over concerns of “criminal activity.” 

So far, over 200 permits for summer block parties have been denied by the Philadelphia Police Department. 

Some residents are quick to accuse the city of racism, and unfair practices. 

It’s certainly unfair when average law-abiding Philly residents are suffering because City leaders won’t make the city safe.

Just about every day, stories are released out of Philadelphia about some horrific mugging or shooting. 

Until the city can get a grip on this violent crime, only the elites and their pet causes it appears are entitled to have major events.

Elites enjoy protection

A recent PhillyMag opinion piece on canceled events in the city noted elites are still holding their events.

Philadelphia Councilmember Katherine Gilmore Richardson “hosted dozens of her sorority sisters and friends at a lively outdoor public gathering. . . just like at many of the large public events this summer, including Odunde, Pride, the Roots Picnic, and the Roe v. Wade protests,” the piece stated.

But public gatherings are discouraged unless they line up with the Left’s agenda or the leisure desires of the elites.

Police unable or unwilling to stamp out crime and make local gatherings safe

On the west coast, block parties have become synonymous with complete and utter chaos and crime. 

Los Angeles in particular has become a hotbed for these “block parties” that typically involve drag racers blocking off a city block and doing donuts. 

Local businesses are typically looted from, and drugs are often very common. 

It seems as if Philadelphia would rather let criminals run rampant and cancel summer traditions instead of actually preventing lawlessness in their city. 

Sadly, they’re punishing the larger public instead of the bad actors.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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