Police officers were shot by one suspect that will have your blood boiling

Violent crime is trending in the wrong direction.

The problem has worsened due to bad leadership from politicians.

And police officers were shot by one suspect that will have your blood boiling.

Violent crime spiked in 2020 due in large part to the George Floyd riots, and things have not returned to 2019 levels.

Pro-crime policies in blue cities have made it easier for repeat criminals to get back on the street quicker.

On top of that, anti-police rhetoric from politicians has demoralized police officers on a national scale.

During the 2020 riots, thousands of officers retired early or simply quit.

And these dangerous trends are continuing.

George Gascón offices’ failure led to LAPD shootout

The Los Angeles Police Department was recently involved in a jaw-dropping shootout with a suspect who had just been paroled.

Jonathan Magana, a 32-year-old parolee, shot and wounded three police officers, but thankfully all three lived.

Magana was killed at the scene.

LAPD Assistant Chief Al Labrada explained, “During the subsequent investigation, officers came across the individual who refused to comply to the commands and a request for K-9 officers was requested from the Metropolitan Division.”

According to law enforcement, Magana had at least four prior felony convictions, including battery of a police officer, robbery, and drug-related offenses.

Far-left Mayor Karen Bass said, “I do know that he was on parole. I believe that a crime had been committed the day before, and that’s why they were looking for him.”

The fact that Magana was a four-time felon who was out on the streets and wanted by the cops for yet another offense speaks to the folly of pro-crime policies.

Serial offenders like Magana should not be out on the streets.

Law and order has become a serious issue in California, particularly in Los Angeles.

George Soros-backed prosecutor George Gascón barely survived a recall election after signatures were dubiously thrown out.

Even Hollywood leftists wanted Gascón out, but he kept his position.

And Bass defeated moderate candidate Rick Caruso in the LA mayor race.

Caruso, who had very recently been a Republican but changed party affiliation, had a lot of support from members of the entertainment community, but the hard-left machine rallied around Bass to win her the race.

Thus far, Bass has chosen to double down on the same failed policies that brought the city to the brink of recalling the DA and electing a Republican-lite candidate.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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