Police are increasing their patrols after a stabbing spree in this major city

Not only has crime risen in this country over the past couple of years, but so has the boldness of the criminals committing these crimes.

There seems to be no fear in the hearts and minds of these low lives who rob, stab, and rape people in the middle of the day. That is probably because they know they will not be seriously punished for the crimes they commit.

This troubling situation was best exemplified in one major city after a slew of people were stabbed in broad daylight in a troubled neighborhood.

It is nearly impossible these days to take a walk through a major city in our nation without witnessing or being the victim of a crime.

There is no avoiding it.

And to make matters worse, many cities seem reluctant to do anything about it with the fear of being called “racist”.

Across the nation, homicide, larceny, and other crimes are through the roof.

It is no coincidence that this massive spike in crime occurred after many cities dialed back their police forces and made it much more difficult to keep hardened career criminals behind bars.

But now, many cities are desperate to clean their streets up.

One of those cities is Boston, Massachusetts, which has seen a huge spike in violent crime since the riots of 2020.

Just this past weekend alone, five people were stabbed in just a matter of three days.

Most of these happened in the notorious Mass and Cass neighborhoods.

One of the stabbings occurred during a drug deal over a dispute regarding thirty dollars.

You read that right, somebody tried to kill somebody over thirty dollars.

As a result of these stabbings, local residents of these communities are understandably terrified for their lives and expect the city to do something about it.

Instead of ignoring the problem as many cities do, Boston appears to actually be stepping up and responding with more law enforcement patrols.

These patrols should help to keep a lid on some of this extreme violence and should help to get repeat offenders off of the streets and back behind bars where they belong.

Other cities across the nation need to take note.

The only way to rid our streets of violence and drug abuse is to get more law enforcement officers out there.

Defunding the police is about the worst thing any city or locality can do to address crime.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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