Pete Buttigieg’s problems are growing after authorities made a disturbing discovery near a Philly railroad freight line

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has gotten raked over the coals in recent days for his actions in the wake of multiple train derailments nationwide.

Americans on high alert and angry over Buttigieg’s zipped lips.

And now Buttigieg’s problems are getting worse after authorities made a disturbing discovery near a Philly railroad freight line.

Now authorities have made one discovery near train tracks that will send a chill down your spine.

Democrats and their media allies have faced growing criticism after they largely ignored the massive train derailment, and subsequent fire and mushroom cloud of black smoke, in East Palestine, Ohio near the Pennsylvania border.

Noxious gas was released into the atmosphere as a result of the incident.

And it took Biden Transportation Secretary “Mayor” Pete Buttigieg weeks to finally respond.

Now another disturbing incident has reportedly taken place near train tracks.

Philadelphia police found a pipe bomb behind a church in the Holmesburg neighborhood near track tracks.

The stuff of conspiracy theories

Fox 29 reported that “an 18-inch pipe bomb was found Sunday, just after 1:30 p.m., behind St. Dominic’s Catholic Church…Officials say a passerby found the pipe bomb, and noted it was a PVC pipe with capped ends and black powder on it.”

In light of the East Palestine derailment and another one north of Houston, Texas, many questions abound regarding the competency of Secretary Buttigieg.

Thus far, Buttigieg’s most memorable moments in his current position were going on paternity leave for months without anyone noticing.

While recently speaking at a conference, Buttigieg quipped, “It’s had its challenges. I mean, if you look at what the American transportation systems have faced in the last two or three, partly because of the pandemic, we’ve faced issues from container shipping to airline cancellations. Now we got balloons.”

Authorities have yet to discover a motive for the bomb, so the church and not the train tracks could have been the intended target.

Churches and crisis pregnancy centers have been under assault by rabid leftists since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in the Dobbs decision.

Leftists have responded by vandalizing and firebombing buildings, but the so-called mainstream media have barely noticed.

Reporting potential threat to the Philadelphia freight line, Catholic outlet OSV News spoke with Father Edward T. Kearns, pastor of St. Dominic Parish.

Kearns doesn’t think they were the target, stating “I don’t think (anyone) is out to get us,” before adding “But you never know these days. There’s so much anger in the world.”

Crime has run amok in Philadelphia in large part due to the Democrats’ pro-crime policies, as George Soros-backed District Attorney Larry Krasner has overseen a sharp increase in murders.

Meanwhile, Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney seems to have thrown up his hands at the crime problem in the blue utopia.

After police officers were shot last July 4th, Kenney vented to a reporter, “I’m waiting for something bad to happen all the time. So I’ll be happy when I’m not here, when I’m not mayor, and I can enjoy some stuff.”

Law-abiding citizens in Philadelphia would like to “enjoy some stuff,” too.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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