Pelosi thinks undermining elections is ok – but only when her side does it

Democrats, for years, have taken to blaming everyone but themselves for electoral losses.

To hear them tell it, it’s never a case where the public simply rejects their lunacy, but rather that somehow despite monopolizing much of cable news and the tech industry they “didn’t get their message out.”

Now, after the better part of a decade bellyaching about Republicans’ supposed chumminess with the Kremlin aiding them in 2016, Pelosi thinks undermining elections is ok – but only when her side does it.

Democrats are in trouble and they know it.

A huge election is only seven months away and all of the data points to the country waking up to a Republican red dawn on Wednesday, November 9.

According to the latest Quinnipiac Poll, only 36 percent of voters approve of the way Biden has handled the economy, inflation is an urgent concern and upwards of 70 percent of voters believe the country is on the wrong track.

Good numbers for the party in power, these are decidedly not.

The President’s party almost always suffers losses in the first midterm of his tenure and Pelosi’s only got a tiny five-seat majority, so the historical trends and the smart money is on a Republican takeover of the lower House of Congress.

Nonetheless, Pelosi made a disturbing claim during a recent interview with TIME Magazine’s Molly Ball, when Ball asked, “We’ve got a midterm election this year. Most people are saying it doesn’t look very good for your party. How do you see the midterms going, and what do you see as the potential consequences if Democrats lose Congress?”

Pelosi’s answer was illuminating, “I don’t have any intention of the Democrats losing . . . It is absolutely essential for our democracy that we win. I fear for our democracy if the Republicans were ever to get the gavel. We can’t let that happen. Democracy is on the ballot in November.”

So it’s not just that Republicans have policies that she disagrees with, rather that “Our Democracy” is on the line if the election doesn’t go her way.

The language she is using, “We can’t ever let the Republicans get the gavel” is such that she is positioning herself as morally superior so she can demonize her political opponents and feel justified in doing so.

This isn’t an accident as Pelosi is being joined by House Democrats in attempting to criminalize political opponents with the January 6 investigations.

According to the New York Times, Republican Members of Congress, former White House officials, the wife of a sitting Supreme Court justice, conservative media personalities, informal Trump advisors, outside lawyers, and various “extremist” groups are all being eyed as criminal conspirators by the partisan hack January 6 committee.

What all this boils down to is that Pelosi and the Democrats fear losing power and are willing to burn the House down if it means increasing their chances to hold onto power from ten to twenty percent.

Pelosi and the Democrats can’t stand when Republicans ask reasonable questions about the last election.

According to the Left, even asking questions is somehow tantamount to treason, but when their side asserts that if they lose, “Our Democracy” is in peril – all is just swell.

When it comes to the far-left and acquiring and maintaining power, the end justifies the means.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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