Parents were gobsmacked by what this doctor admitted the law in one blue state now says about anal sex

Parents have awakened to the insanity public schools are teaching their kids.

But that hasn’t stopped the Left from moving full speed ahead with ever more radical ideas.

And parents were gobsmacked by what this doctor admitted the law in one blue state now says about anal sex.

NJ schools are being forced to teach something utterly disturbing to kids

Due to distance learning during COVID, parents were able to see what schools were teaching their kids.

That helped alert parents to the neo-Marxist philosophy of Critical Race Theory being taught in schools.

But kids are being taught something even worse.

Schools are now pushing inappropriate ideas about sex, sexuality, and gender on children.

Fox News reported that “new state-wide sex ed standards in New Jersey teach students as young as 13 years old about anal sex and their pregnancy options, and school districts that fail to comply could face ‘disciplinary action,’ or even a loss of funding. The standards were adopted by the New Jersey Board of Education in June 2020, and schools are required to implement them beginning this month. Amid concern from parents and school districts, the state Department of Education has warned that schools who fail to implement the new standards may face discipline.”

If schools do not teach 13-year-olds about graphic sex and pregnancy options, they could lose funding

According to Fox News, Dr. Melissa Varley, the superintendent of the Berkeley Heights school district, insisted that her district’s beliefs – and those of parents in her district – about the standards didn’t matter, because the law prescribes they will lose funding if the standards aren’t taught.

“If we do not, we do not pass New Jersey Quality Single Accountability Continuum (NJQSAC) monitoring. If the district fails this process we may become ineligible for state and even federal funding.”

The Left are using public education to cram down their worldview regardless of the parents’ wishes.

Fox News added that “state standards describe what students should learn by each grade level, and it is up to the districts to design a curriculum to adhere to the standards. By eighth grade, according to the New Jersey standards, students should ‘describe pregnancy testing, the signs of pregnancy, and pregnancy options, including parenting, abortion, and adoption;’ and ‘Define vaginal, oral, and anal sex.’ One mother of students in the Berkeley Heights school district called the standards ‘harmful and offensive,’ adding it was difficult to find on her school’s website exactly what her children would be learning.”

The schools seemingly make it difficult to find out what is being taught to the kids.

The anonymous mother said in an interview, “All I’m asking for is transparency and accountability…I had to send quite a few emails and figure out who is in charge and teaching what to get to this point…[It’s] a lot of work for most parents.”

Leftists have been allowed to gain such a foothold because they operate without parents knowing what exactly is going on.

The Left have relied on people having trust in these institutions, but that trust has been violated.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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