Parents are horrified after a mob lynches a father for this terrifying reason

Crime has exploded in nearly every corner of America as a result of years of Democrat control. 

Many people feel emboldened to act out in repulsive and violent ways without any fear of serious consequences. 

Now parents are horrified after a mob lynches a father for this terrifying reason. 

Violence, depravity, and crime are consuming nearly every American community 

Violence and crime are consuming America as a direct result of the control Democrats have over many American communities. 

Due to the Democrat’s anti-family policies, which often reward single parenthood, children are not being taught the values they need to become successful adults. 

Many children in urban centers instead learn to handle conflict with violence, and in many cases, these children learn these horrible lessons from home because their parents or parent were taught the same thing. 

Last Friday in Maryland, Christopher Michael Wright, the father of a middle school student learned this the hard way after a mob beat him to death outside of his own home. 

The lynch mob was evidently motivated to kill Wright over a fight involving Wright’s son and another child, which occurred at Brooklyn Park Middle School. 

When the mob arrived at Wright’s doorstep, Wright left his home in order to protect his son, and was savagely killed as a result. 

According to Christopher Wright’s fiancée, who spoke to local outlet WBAL after the attack, the mob demanded that his son come out and fight, and when Christopher Wright told his son to remain inside, the mob said ’If he’s not going to fight, then you’re going to fight.’”

She went on to say “Just looking at the damage that was done to him, that wasn’t just punching that did that. Like, there’s no way that punching did that. The damage was done before the ambulance ever took him away. I mean, he’d had a seizure. It was done. There was nothing that the hospital could do.”

As of now, local police are investigating the murder, but no arrests have been made yet. 

The murder of Christopher Wright highlights the Left’s selective outrage 

The way that Christopher was lynched in front of his family shows the depravity and evil that has proliferated America. 

Yet, nobody on the Left seems to care about this horrific attack that has left a family without their father. 

The truth is, Democrats do not care about terrifying crimes like this because they do not follow their race-baiting narrative. 

Although police claim to be on the case, their lack of any leads, despite the entire incident being caught on film is alarming to say the least. 

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.



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