Parents are furious after this racist rant exposed in a leaked teacher email

America’s youth lags behind many other Western nations when it comes to math and science scores. 

Parents of children in many classrooms across America charge that radical far-left teachers with extreme political agendas are why their kids aren’t getting a proper education. 

And now these parents are furious after a racist rant was exposed in a leaked teacher email. 

“Diversity teacher” represents everything wrong with the radical Left

As it stands, America lags far behind China, Japan, and many European nations when it comes to math, reading, and science scores. 

One reason for this slippage is that many school districts across the nation are not giving children a proper education. 

Instead, many children are being brainwashed by the extreme far left to hate America and to hate each other.

However, leaked emails reportedly from Casey Menninger, a diversity teacher in Jefferson County, CO Public School District’s Foster K-8 school, show just how bad things are getting in the classroom. 

In an email originally sent from Menniger on January 6, 2022, said “I will have a quick presentation for 8th grade in the next couple weeks… I just want them to work on some of the communication skills and understand some terrible things White people did,” Fox News reported.

A previous email sent from Menniger’s account in August 2021, stated “I am trying to impact change in a positive way, but it is very hard to not want to burn things down that I don’t find equitable.” 

He added, “I am learning a lot of restraint. I don’t think anyone else on the team has that equity lens, so it is challenging to impact change where they don’t see a need. I am also trying to learn how to respond to emotional outbursts from adults. It is difficult. I don’t like it.”

As it stands, no disciplinary actions have been taken regarding these emails, which seem to promote racism and violence towards White people. 

These emails, which can be seen on X user “SarahisCensored’s” account below, were sent between colleagues and Menniger likely never suspected they’d be subject to open records request laws, however, they reveal that head officials in Jefferson County, CO Public Schools are not afraid to hire radical left-wing extremists. 

Students need to learn math and science, not Critical Race Theory

Most parents would agree that young children do not need their precious classroom time wasted on hateful ideologies like Critical Race Theory. 

Programs like those pushed by Menninger pose a monumental risk for the well-being of the nation, and America’s future. 

Not only do they pose a risk but critics say they also waste exorbitant amounts of taxpayer dollars. 

That’s something some Jefferson Co., CO parents will now find it hard to argue against.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates on this ongoing story. 


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