Parents are burning with rage after they discovered how their children’s teacher showed up in class

Parents send their kids to school trusting they’ll be in safe hands.

But as one stunning story out of California proves – that’s not always the case.

And now parents in one school district are burning with rage after they discovered how their children’s teacher showed up in class.

A 46-year-old California teacher showed up to teach her class drunk enough you’d think she’d just left a college keg party – and she was as high as a kite on top of that.

The teacher was found out when a school administrator slipped into the classroom where Teagen Leonhart was teaching.

The school staff member had been tipped off that something was seriously wrong – and the blood test results were truly shocking.

Leonhart first tried lying to investigators about taking drugs, but a blood test revealed she had a blood alcohol limit of at least .24 – three times the legal driving limit.

“It was the opinion of the DRE [Drug Recognition Expert] officer that due to her intoxication level, Leonhart was unable to care for the safety of the children while they were in her classroom,” Lieutenant Dan Fink wrote in the San Rafael Police Department report.

Dangerous or not, she certainly isn’t the role model you want telling your teenager how to do life.

In addition to the high level of alcohol in her blood, the teacher was also high on a prescription drug and marijuana.

She’s now on paid leave.

No doubt, local taxpayers are just tickled she’s getting a paid vacation on their dime.

When police were called about the incident, it was 11:51 a.m. and Leonhart had been teaching all morning and had been responsible for 53 high school students.

A fellow school employee first sounded the alarm about the teacher’s inebriated condition.

Shockingly, Leonhart isn’t the first teacher to pull a stunt like that this year.

An Iowa special education teacher, Peyton Paddock, showed up for work with a blood alcohol level three times the legal limit as well.

Paddock was arrested after the principal noticed he wasn’t in any condition to do his job.

An elementary school teacher, Michelle Babin, also showed up for work in Westport, Connecticut earlier this year drunk.

Police say Babin, a speech and language pathologist, dozed off while teaching a student and school staff members had some difficulty waking her up.

When she did wake up she was babbling and her breath smelled like alcohol.

Somehow, Babin beat Leonhart’s record and was able to make it until 1:30 p.m. before someone called the police.

This stunningly bad behavior certainly isn’t going to help boost the image of government-run schools across the nation, many of which are already under fire from parents for allowing – and even pushing – teachers to push a woke political agenda on students.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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