One violent robber got exactly what he deserved – and it happened in the best way possible

Leftists want to make us all incapable of doing anything for ourselves. 

And thanks to the “Defund the Police” movement, store employees in big blue cities have become sitting ducks. 

But recently, one violent robber got exactly what he deserved – and it happened in the best way possible. 

Baltimore, Maryland has a reputation for being a bit rough and tumble. 

Since Black Lives Matter rioters called for defunding the police back in 2020, crime has been skyrocketing in big blue cities across the country. 

Most store employees have been trained to act as textbook victims.

But when a robber barged into a phone store recently, he met a couple of employees who were quick to prove that crime doesn’t always pay.

According to the local CBS station, the would-be burglar cased the store first by coming in and asking for something the employees couldn’t provide. 

He then returned waving a gun and telling them he was robbing the store. 

One employee quickly jumped the robber in an attempt to disarm him. 

During the struggle, the gun fired off and another employee was shot in the leg. 

At that point the burglar dropped his gun and the injured employee snatched it up and promptly shot the robber in the belly. 

Both men survived their respective gunshot wounds. 

Others around the city weren’t so lucky. 

Crime in Charm City has been surging – mirroring a national trend – with five people killed over Memorial Day weekend. 

Blue cities across the nation have been struggling with the aftermath of the 2020 Black Lives Matter riots and the natural consequences of a leftist push to defund the police.

Over the long weekend, 50 people were shot in Chicago – with three being shot at a memorial service for a shooting victim – with nine deaths reported. 

In Philadelphia, things were even worse with 15 people (including a 9-year-old boy) murdered. 

Criminologist Gary LaFree says the nationwide crime surge is a predictable ramification of police stepping back on enforcement. 

“The clearance rates for even serious crimes like homicide are now getting below 30%”, LaFree told a WJZ reporter. “And if you think about what that means, it means 70% of the time in big cities, you’re getting away with murder, and that’s not a good statistic to be floating around.” 

The death toll will continue to rise until Democrats decide to abandon their pro-crime policies – or battle-weary citizens decide to kick them out of office. 

 Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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