One tyrannical Governor proved she’s in deep trouble with a desperate move

COVID tyranny is ratcheting up in parts of the country.

New York City is actively instituting apartheid based on vaccine status.

But one tyrannical Governor proved she’s in deep trouble with a desperate move.

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer is not moving forward with mask mandates and vaccine passports.

Whitmer agreed to a budget that included the passage:

“The director or local health officer shall not issue or enforce any orders or other directives that require an individual in this state who is under the age of 18 to wear a face mask or face covering.”

This came as a shock to many considering Whitmer instituted some of the most draconian lockdowns in the country in 2020.

Fox News reports:

“Democratic Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and the state legislature have agreed on a budget proposal that includes language banning health officials from enforcing mask mandates in schools and preventing state public agencies from enforcing vaccines on employees or customers . . . The budget comes after Whitmer faced criticisms for her handling of the pandemic last year, including enacting some of the strictest lockdown orders in the country.”

In 2020, Whitmer went so far as to prohibit big box stores from having certain sections of their stores open.

She also banned travel to people’s second homes.

At the same time, her husband joked about flouting her mandates and taking his boat out on the water.

Whitmer’s about-face comes as she’s facing re-election against Republican challenger James Craig, former Detroit Chief of Police.

Craig, who is black, announced his candidacy on Tucker Carlson’s show back in July.

Now Whitmer is singing a different tune.

In response to the budget agreement, she said:

“I am thrilled that the legislature and I were able to come together to agree on a bipartisan budget . . . Our collaboration is a testament to what’s possible when we work together and put our families, communities, and small businesses first.”

But it was Whitmer who was cracking down on small businesses last year.

Many small businesses went under as a result of her tyrannical orders.

Michigan is not as solidly blue as New York or California, so Whitmer has to tread softly if she wants to remain Governor.

New York City-style crackdowns would turn ugly very quickly in Michigan.

Hopefully more people are waking up to the Orwellian laws that are punishing Americans around the country.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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