One top Democrat was caught red-handed hiding away in this conservative state

It is no secret that residents of California are leaving the states in droves.

These fed up political refugees are sick and tired of California’s insane leftist government and crippling taxes and have in many cases found that states like Texas and Arizona are much better.

But this one political refugee in particular is the last person you would expect to secretly flock from the Golden State.

Let’s face it, California is a nice state to visit for a day or two . . . but living there? Good luck.

Whether it is rampant forest fires due to mismanaged forests, uncontrolled crime due to relaxed crime laws or punishingly high taxes . . . living in California is truly becoming a nightmare.

These unbearable conditions have caused a mass exodus from the state.

For proof, just look at the latest census data . . . California is set to lose a House seat for the first time in the state’s history while Texas is set to gain two.

People are just plain fed up.

But one person who fled California is not somebody you would ever expect . . . a top bureaucrat in California’s education system.

According to reports, Pamela Kadakia who served as a California Department of Education equity project manager, was caught red-handed working remotely from Texas.

This is, of course, banned in California, not only because remote working from another state is not allowed, but also because Texas is on an 18-state list of states that are banned for travel to public employees for having “unjust laws” . . . whatever the hell that means.

After being caught red-handed working from a travel-banned state, Kadakia has since been forced to resign.

This bureaucrat was paid nearly $200k in a position designed to find how to make education systems in the state more equal and just.

Sounds like a ridiculous waste of taxpayer dollars . . . perhaps her firing was not in vain after all.

Unfortunately for Californians, they’re going to refill the position with another overpaid political hack.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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