One toddler almost died because of something too horrific for words

Urban decay has reached new depths.

People are slowly beginning to question leadership in these deep-blue enclaves.

And one toddler almost died because of something too horrific for words.

Drug addiction has hit the city of San Francisco very hard.

Due in large part to the fact that pro-crime policies and poor leadership, homelessness, drug use, and theft are all on the rise.

The city is spending tens of thousands of dollars per homeless person, and the problem has only gotten worse.

Used drug needles have littered the city, and there is even a smartphone app to alert San Francisco residents to the presence of human feces on the street so they can avoid it.

Toddler almost died after getting exposed to fentanyl on San Francisco playground

Those are the conditions under which a ten-month-old baby nearly overdosed from fentanyl, a deadly opiate 50-100 times more powerful than morphine.

It has become the drug of choice for addicts seeking downers and painkillers.

It’s unclear exactly how the baby got exposed to the drug, but it appeared to happen while he was crawling around at a city park.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported that “the after-visit summary from Sutter Health’s CPMC hospital states the diagnosis as ‘accidental fentanyl overdose, initial encounter’ followed by ‘respiratory arrest.’ The document states the hospital completed a urine fentanyl screening among other lab tests. The record…states that the baby was observed for ‘more than six hours after receiving Narcan,’ was breathing well and the fentanyl should be out of his system, so he was safe to go home…[The baby’s father] said his nanny told him his son was crawling in the grass, putting leaves in his mouth, like he normally does, and she didn’t see what the baby touched or ingested, or notice any drugs, foil or needles.”

There are still questions that need to be answered, but hopefully this close call will be a moment of clarity for a city that has not gotten real about drug addiction.

In fact, San Francisco officials are encouraging more drug abuse by providing free needles and sanctioning homeless encampments, which effectively operate as open-air drug markets.

There are beds and rooms available in shelters and treatment facilities, but many homeless people have stated that they prefer to live on the street so they can easily score drugs.

Until San Francisco gets serious about tackling these issues, more collateral damage will have to suffer the consequences.

Luckily, the ten-month old baby was not a tragic casualty of the city’s idiotic public policy.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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