One television station is running a series asking if life is “over” in their city as chaos reigns supreme

What used to be considered a “progressive paradise,” has quickly turned into a dystopian nightmare.

Now “encampments” have taken over hundreds of neighborhoods in this once picturesque American city.

And the whole thing is such a mess the local television station is running a series asking if life in their city is “over” as chaos reigns supreme.

Creating “special series” to increase television news viewership is an old broadcast news trick to boost ratings during “sweeps” months each year.

Historically, viewership data has been collected four times a year (in February, May, July, and November) to give potential advertisers an idea how many people are likely to be watching when a commercial comes on.

Topics are often designed to be highly interesting, but one station should get an award for “most brutally accurate series title.”

You have to wonder if the reporter has been polishing his resume between episodes of, “Is Portland Over?”

Even as money to clean up homeless encampments around Portland has quadrupled, the number of camps cleared by city employees has plummeted.

Three years ago, city employees cleaned up 3,122 illegal campsites before that number plummeted down to 248 during the pandemic.

Problem is, the number of people setting up camp has been increasing during that time.

The city claims it’s costing $2,505 to remove each campsite – and homeowners around the city say they’re certainly doing a shoddy job for the money.

Some formerly nice middle class neighborhoods are now overwhelmed by trash-filled, smelly camps.

Footage from one episode of the series shows fires and piles of stolen Amazon boxes.

Even when city crews supposedly clean up a camp, huge piles of junk remain left behind.

Residents who have probably spent their lives patting themselves on the back for being caring Democrats rather than heartless Republicans are finally fed up.

“We’re completely tolerant of people that are, like, experiencing houselessness, that’s not a big deal,” one resident said. “But it reached kind of a threshold—or a line—when we started observing a lot of drug deals, start observing physical violence between people. At one point we had somebody that wanted to get our son—our oldest son who’s two and a half into a car.”

Who doesn’t want drug dealing, would-be kidnappers setting up camp in their front yard?

While there’s all kinds of blame shifting going on, what the television station failed to cover is why Portland is “over.”

Insane leftist laws allowing possession of all types of drugs including marijuana, cocaine, and heroin has spiraled into a nasty situation with the state attracting drug addicts from all over the country.

The state has also allowed licensed marijuana growing operations, which have been quickly surrounded by illegal black market farms set up by international drug cartels from all over the world.

The truth is, Portland, Oregon is filled with genuine leftists who decided to practice what they preach – and now they’re experiencing the natural consequences.

Unless left-leaning Democrats come to their senses soon – and conservatives reclaim lost ground – the folks over at KOIN will probably have a new sweeps series next year entitled, “Is the USA Over?”

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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