One state is implementing an infuriating COVID restriction that no one saw coming

Public health officials are desperate to extend the forever-pandemic.

The fear and panic of new variants and new cases has held Americans hostage.

And one state is implementing an infuriating COVID restriction that no one saw coming.

Oregon is contemplating making indoor mask mandates permanent.

Under state rules, the mandate can only be in place for 180 days unless officials vote to make it permanent.

At that point, legislators would have to repeal the law in order to return to normalcy.

Oregon’s flirtation with permanent indoor mask mandates illustrates how over-the-top blue states have become in their hysteria over the virus.

The COVID regime likes to falsely claim that COVID is a “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” but it’s really become a pandemic of the blue states.

Red states are open for business while blue states have suffered the biggest economic hits.

California, New York, and Illinois are also losing residents while Florida, Texas, and Tennessee are gaining them.

But the corporate-controlled press plays a huge role in the deception.

When Florida experienced a seasonal uptick in cases, so, too, did Oregon, but the so-called “mainstream” media made no mention of it.

The point of the paranoia is to hammer red state Governors for not bending the knee to the whims of the COVID regime.

The tyranny over masks in Oregon is ironic considering Antifa domestic terrorists are allowed to ravage the streets with veritable impunity.

If not for independent journalist Andy Ngo, the crimes of Antifa would be even more obscure.

The Left claims to be following “the science,” but most western countries have not gone anywhere near as far as blue states in America.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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